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Land of the Free-est


Land of the Free-est

Guest comic strip by Awut:

Based off the "Which country has the most freedom" articles in the news recently. (us Americans were very upset that we weren't ranked #1 :'D ) (pdf)


Artwork and joke by Awut

20th March 2013

7 days ago #9134665      

yea Netherlands number 2

9 days ago #9133610      

@Schweden No, Hong Kong is not the same as China!! Hong Kong had been a British colony until it was returned to China in 1997. It is now a "special administrative region" with its own government. It is under Chinese rule but the political, legal and economic systems are all different, and the degree of freedom is much greater including freedom of religion, freedom of speech, political freedom etc. The culture is also significantly different from that in mainland China. Right now the people in HK are struggling to resist the increasing influence and intervention from mainland China and fearing for a loss in the freedom of speech.

It would actually make a nice story if humon wants to draw this part of history. Hong Kong is like an abandoned child of Britain.

11 days ago #9132519      

this video is pretty cool, its about a made up american news team that explains why america is not number one anymore... the first steps to solving a problem is to knowledge there is one.


18 F
15 days ago #9129535      

29th :( and Hong Kong as third?! Really?! China?!

24 days ago #9123594      

Not surprised at this... America still does have some stupid laws.

1 month ago #9111706      

@zachowon I doubt Reagan would be any better. He was very homophobic and didn't really give a damn about the healthcare.


100 M
2 months ago #9102195      

I blame the "Patriot Act"


27 M

Online Now
2 months ago #9095474      

Realy? I had no idea that Hong Kong had an indipendent flag, but it makes sense considering its history. Thanks.

2 months ago #9095272      

@Bloodblender Hong Kong

2 months ago #9092664      

We have freedom but it's small thx to Obama I miss reagen

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