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Land of the Free-est

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Land of the Free-est

Guest comic strip by Awut:

Based off the "Which country has the most freedom" articles in the news recently. (us Americans were very upset that we weren't ranked #1 :'D ) (pdf)


Artwork and joke by Awut

20th March 2013

10 days ago #9287182        

And I'm proud to be an American, where at least I know all the minorities have been brutally murdered by the government...

2 months ago #9260403        

Wait... We became second? Amezing!

5 months ago #9200849        

America looks like he saw something real bad like a bloody dog carcass

5 months ago #9199709        

I dunno. There's stuff you can do in America that you can't do in NZ... And our healthcare is sort of weird (it's kinda free but kinda not). You have to pay to go to uni and for childcare (like preschool and kindergarten). Soooo I'm not too sure how freedom is graded, but oh well XD

5 months ago #9197673        

Yay! Im first and the twenty ninth as well!


25 M
5 months ago #9194615        

It reminds me of how both the USA and India like to call themselves "the worlds biggest democracy", but what they really are is "the worlds most powerful democracy" and "the worlds most populous democracy" respectively.

5 months ago #9191026        

Calm down America, we came 18th.

7 months ago #9162700        

yay tied fourth ^_^

7 months ago #9155615        

Reminds me of my algebra teacher. He was from Korea. "You call this a free country? They won't let me have a chicken! In Korea my mother had a yard full of chickens, here they won't let me have one!"

Always cracked me up.

7 months ago #9154009        

Sheep. Smells like freedom?

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