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Land of the Free-est

Land of the Free-est

Guest comic strip by Awut:

Based off the "Which country has the most freedom" articles in the news recently. (us Americans were very upset that we weren't ranked #1 :'D ) (pdf)


Artwork and joke by Awut

20th March 2013

Tagged in Netherlands America Wales New Zealand Hong Kong

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36 minutes ago #9392776        

@Zeust, as in most things, everything you mention varies by jurisdiction. The USA is an actual federal state. Each individual US state has a parallel jurisdiction to the over-arching jurisdiction of the USA. Where there are no federal laws, state law holds. In many cases, where there are federal laws, state law can supersede, depending on how the federal law is written. Every example you give actually has 51 different variations (one for each state and then a 51st for those territories that are under exclusively Federal jurisdiction). In some cases, the variations can be in complete opposition to each other. General statements about law in the USA are less likely to be true than for general statements about law over the entire extent of Europe.

12 hours ago #9392592        


19 days ago #9383726        

The United States is a major home-schooling country --many European countries don't allow it.
The Americans are suspicious of Social engineering programmes in the state school systems.
Some States-- mainly in the West -- are not in the news because the people keep a low profile, however they are extremely libertarian.
Their motto is, "I love my country, but I don't trust my government." leave them and their guns alone, and they are good neighbors.

1 month ago #9376982        

And now it's Hong Kong! (America is in 12th place)


1 month ago #9376393        

Despite the fact what makes a criminal a criminal is that he violates the law. the Democrats think that by making more repressive laws they can stop crime. Then they blame the loss of freedom on the Republicans.
Also the more your government does for you the freedom you have.


576 M
2 months ago #9370698        

I once saw this image of the American flag overlaid with the text "FREEDOM*". It was the most on-point thing ever.
*Terms and conditions may apply
I think the main thing holding back freedom in America is religion. This affects e.g. freedom of sexuality and the bodily autonomy of pregnant women. Also I recently read that America can force pills down your throat if you're on trial and they think you can't understand the case without the pills.

4 months ago #9349103        

Actually @Netherlands, you were first in the tally for 'personal freedom'.

4 months ago #9343823        

It was bound to happen. After all, we are still horribly divided on the homosexual marriages issues. And I think feminine equality issues are making a comeback.

4 months ago #9341173        

Hong Kong actually exists as a character! unfortunately all its foreign affairs are China's so I guess this will be a one shot

5 months ago #9333358        

Hm. I bet it's the "legal discrimination against homosexuals and women's freedoms" bit that kicked us down.

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