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Language Lesson


Language Lesson

Denmark wanted America to say this because Danes love to make foreigners say it.

All the other Nordic countries joke that Danish sounds like Swedes talking with a potato or porridge in their mouths, while Danes joke that Swedes sound like drunk Danes, and Norwegians sound like drunk Danes singing. :XD:

4th September 2010

5 days ago #9136980      

Haha, this reminded me of Germans pronouncing the word "squirrel"

22 days ago #9125998      

@L3OPARD ¿que estás tratando de decir?


25 F
1 month ago #9112786      

hahaha the corn flakes bareer.

1 month ago #9111001      

Descubran a Argentina! A Brazil! A Venezuela, y a un imbecil!

1 month ago #9109266      

So true!
I stuff things in my mouth to try to speak danish xD

2 months ago #9103282      

That potato should've tasted lovely 0-0


40 F
2 months ago #9103272      

This one was hilarious. When I flew to Norway I was surrounded by a large group of teenage Danish boy scouts, so I heard Danish for 13 hours (practically non stop) and became acquainted with the language. When I finally got to Norway it seemed to me that Norwegians were singing all the time! A year later I heard a Norwegian and a Swedish chatting in their respective languages, and the Swede sounded like she spoke Norwegian with her mouth full of food XD

2 months ago #9098660      

Well you can't say he didn't try XD


19 M
2 months ago #9098417      



35 M
2 months ago #9091766      

@christmassysocks and trust me it never gets old for us, no matter how old we are when we meet people from non scandinavian contries, we at some point try that line with them :)

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