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Language Lesson

Language Lesson

Denmark wanted America to say this because Danes love to make foreigners say it.

All the other Nordic countries joke that Danish sounds like Swedes talking with a potato or porridge in their mouths, while Danes joke that Swedes sound like drunk Danes, and Norwegians sound like drunk Danes singing. :XD:

5th September 2010
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23 hours ago #9342428        

Damn, the feel with those Cornflakes


15 M
6 days ago #9340537        

oh god the border....

9 days ago #9339335        

There should be a comic with a bunch of the countries all eating breakfast together.

1 month ago #9330327        

Haha, Mexico behind the cornflakes!



21 M
1 month ago #9328069        

BORK BORK BROK - Murika's impression of a Communist

1 month ago #9325146        

Québécois is a wonderful mix of Quebec specific french and weird English "on y go á la bar man?" When I first started learning French too, my friend told me to pronounce something like bière, you just have to pretend like you are vomiting a little. C'est majestueux!

2 months ago #9312521        

Höte ja!


3 months ago #9302591        

My Canadian neighbors like to joke that Quebecois is basically an extremely drunk American trying and failing to speak French.

3 months ago #9298561        

Mexico... behind a border of cornflakes... you're a genius, Humon.


15 M
5 months ago #9267518        

mexico's face

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