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Let's have a gay time


Let's have a gay time

Yup, that's a real ice cream in Australia.

31st July 2013


22 F
16 days ago #9191901        

@RainbowSlushy I remember first seeing the commercial for those. Didn't it say that the Magnum ice cream was from Belgium?

17 days ago #9191665        

Oh sorry :XD: I thought I was talking to you and you had replied.

Ah well Magnum is a lovely Ice cream.

17 days ago #9191662        

@Meanwhile You didn't really ask me, I sort of came out of nowhere and answered it.

17 days ago #9191658        

Sorry it's just I don't remember what I had asked you.

17 days ago #9191650        

@Meanwhile You asked if it was a name of a condom, it indeed is.

17 days ago #9191041        

Pardon ?

17 days ago #9190992        

By all the gods, I want a Gaytime now!

17 days ago #9190969        

@Meanwhile Yep.

2 months ago #9164053        

golden gay times are awesome!

2 months ago #9157898        

They're also have that in Britain, NI and ROI as well.
Is it ?

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