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Let's have a gay time


Let's have a gay time

Yup, that's a real ice cream in Australia.

31st July 2013

3 days ago #9278691        

We have an ice cream with poppy seeds called 'Stop narcotic' in Ukraine)

4 days ago #9278380        

Well, we do have an ice cream too here in Denmark called Americans...
>: D

12 days ago #9274294        

Pretty much the only ice-cream I like~ xD

20 days ago #9271519        

they're not bad, but not that great either.

they taste like honey with vanilla ice cream in a honey-chocolate coating.
Personally I don't really like 'em.

Oh yeah and making jokes about them got old down here REAAAAL quick.

20 days ago #9271398        

We have both condoms and ice cream with the name Magnum, the condoms boast being for well endowed men and the ice cream boasts of being huge.. Lmao

22 days ago #9270809        

Oh my...I wonder what it tastes like. ;)

22 days ago #9270613        

Gosh, I never thought I'd like to have a Golden Gaytime......xD

23 days ago #9270371        

... I need to try this.


19 F
26 days ago #9268801        

Golden gaytimes are the best <3

28 days ago #9268114        

As far as puzzling ice cream names go, Australia wins this round!

Nevertheless, this got me thinking about my trip to Germany some years ago when I couldn't keep myself from chuckling upon reading the name of the ice cream chain Langnese. In Norway, where I come from, 'Langnese' would translate to 'Longnose'.

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