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Let's have a gay time


Let's have a gay time

Yup, that's a real ice cream in Australia.

31st July 2013

27 days ago #9253926        

And it is the best kind.

1 month ago #9251022        

@Alandra_Heart Feel free! :) I've survived 20 years here, you can survive a holiday! (I mean, unless you do stupid stuff like step on a snake. Then that's on you. :P )

1 month ago #9250816        

@Stenson4t0r Hm... Alright i'll believe you BUT the one time im killed by an Australian animal im haunting your ass lol

1 month ago #9250741        

@Alandra_Heart Everybody says that! We have dangerous animals, but the ones people talk about don't kill anyone! More than twice as many people are killed by cows stepping on them than by all of the Australian wildlife combined. :P It's perfectly safe!

(It's soooooo good!!!)

1 month ago #9250710        

@Stenson4t0r OH MY DEAR LORD I THAT SOUNDS HEAVENLY!!!!! I WOULD SO GO THERE JUST FOR THAT ICE CREAM, if it wasn't for all the dangerous creatures heh

1 month ago #9250169        

@Alandra_Heart Ok. So they have a vanilla centre, then caramel/toffee ice cream around that, then they're coated in a thin layer of chocolate with bits of biscuit through it. :D

1 month ago #9250166        

@Stenson4t0r Oh my gosh your so lucky! What do they taste like??

2 months ago #9232246        

@Cakepie I know this (I'm gay myself), I'm just not sure whether they meant happy gay or homosexual gay in their advertising. :P

(I'm Australian, so I eat these all the time)


13 F
2 months ago #9232197        

@Stenson4t0r, The original meaning of Gay was to be happy or cheerful, like this song line, "I'm so pretty, witty and gay". The meaning nowadays (For America, at least) is when a boy marries or likes boys in particular.

3 months ago #9206347        

I'm never sure whether it's supposed to be about the original meaning of gay, or the current meaning, as the way they advertise it is "It's hard to have a Gaytime on your own". They're delicious either way ;)

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