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Let's have a gay time


Let's have a gay time

Yup, that's a real ice cream in Australia.

31st July 2013

11 days ago #9131498      

It's the best ice-cream ever!


18 F
14 days ago #9129524      

yup, saw a pic of it.. A guy had written on tumblr "my dad just gave me a golden gaytime!" and then he wrote again "just realized how that must sound like to non-australians" and put up a pic haha

15 days ago #9129268      

ooooo, I want to taste a golden gaytime :D


14 F
17 days ago #9127988      

It's probably generated from the [old] English word word gay- happy, carefree


21 M
1 month ago #9114394      

can i have looks so tasty..*drooling*


22 F
1 month ago #9111560      

I wanna have a golden gaytime....

1 month ago #9111155      

*no comment*

1 month ago #9105436      

Aww, poor Denmark! He really wanted that!


17 M
2 months ago #9102204      

One could say it's... orgasmic...

2 months ago #9096879      

I had one of those before! Amaaazinng.

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