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Let's have a gay time

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Let's have a gay time

Yup, that's a real ice cream in Australia.

31st July 2013

4 days ago #9291208        

Two men standing on a boat in a river, sending off loud & giant ripples of water they struggle to haul up an expecting good catch after an afternoon's wait.
XD (A real Golden Gaytime ad)

25 days ago #9278691        

We have an ice cream with poppy seeds called 'Stop narcotic' in Ukraine)

25 days ago #9278380        

Well, we do have an ice cream too here in Denmark called Americans...
>: D

1 month ago #9274294        

Pretty much the only ice-cream I like~ xD

1 month ago #9271519        

they're not bad, but not that great either.

they taste like honey with vanilla ice cream in a honey-chocolate coating.
Personally I don't really like 'em.

Oh yeah and making jokes about them got old down here REAAAAL quick.

1 month ago #9271398        

We have both condoms and ice cream with the name Magnum, the condoms boast being for well endowed men and the ice cream boasts of being huge.. Lmao

1 month ago #9270809        

Oh my...I wonder what it tastes like. ;)

1 month ago #9270613        

Gosh, I never thought I'd like to have a Golden Gaytime......xD

1 month ago #9270371        

... I need to try this.


19 F
2 months ago #9268801        

Golden gaytimes are the best <3

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