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When I went to England I noticed that people would apologize or even freak out if they as much as touched my little finger. At first I thought that maybe I was putting people off, but later it was explained to me that English people are just incredibly nervous about touching people they don't know very well.

I've been to conventions in quite a few countries by now, and England is the only country where most people asked for a handshake rather than a hug. :XD:

2nd March 2012
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23 days ago #9333380        

...this does explain why that last episode of Sherlock played out the way it did.

1 month ago #9326051        

Oh this reminds me of when I was living India, there if someone accidentally touch you with their foot, then they have to apologize by first touching their own chest with their hand and then touching your arm or leg.

Considering the number of people that lives in India this happens quite a lot in the big cities. I wonder if it's and English influence from the colonial period.


20 M
1 month ago #9325899        

Even in America personal space is a huge deal. I've always been taught to keep about at least a foot away from someone else unless I'm either giving them a handshake, or I've explicitly been invited into their personal space.


34 M
2 months ago #9316496        

While it obviously varies from region to region, person to person etc. I don't get the "fear" of touching other people. I tend to hug family members and close friends, handshake for more "official" stuff and just say "Hi" in most other situations. But it's not because I'm afraid of touching or whatever. I guess it's just how I grew up. If you want a hug, you'll get a hug. I don't mind at all. It's not awkward to me.

I think I'm a bit like the Denmark character when it comes to this stuff tbh. I just don't see the "omg, you can't do that" thing about touching other people. Hell, I can grab your ass, if that's what you want.. Or if it seems like a fun thing to do. Maybe it'll be fun to watch you blush. Unless you're like really dirty, stink like crazy, have some sort of infectious skin condition or whatever, why would I have a problem with it? I don't get it. :P

I just don't think I have that whole "Men shouldn't do that." thing built into me. If I want to hug someone, I hug someone. I don't feel less like a man after a hug. Quite the opposite really.. How "manly" are you really if you're afraid of a hug? ;)

I could give some examples of (too?) touchy stuff in public, but I'm not sure if people here would want to know tbh. lol I know that some of us Danes are REALLY different when it comes to things like this, so it can shock other people, which just makes it more fun imo. I just seeing prudes blush. :p



15 F
3 months ago #9302728        

Yes Sister Denmark. You got pregnant because he touched you. That's how babies are made! :D

3 months ago #9296660        

Gordon Ramsay love hugging.

4 months ago #9291079        

I think it's because people expect others won't like it. I prefer to hug personally.

4 months ago #9278417        

Something I noticed when I visited the UK. Everybody's so... prissy about stuff like that. Down here we kiss/hug people we just met in certain contexts. It's so ingrained it gets weird when you're trying NOT to. And you get really hungry for a hug after a while.

4 months ago #9277963        

Sister Denmark is so pretteh!:3
I wonder who she might end up with in the future?
I think Denmark and England's flag colors match each other, being the same flag, but colors are in different places, plus the center of the cross is slightly different on them.
For some reason, I feel like shipping Sister Denmark with England now:XD:


19 F
5 months ago #9268169        

hahaha have you been to Finland? most of them aren't big on hugs either

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