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When I went to England I noticed that people would apologize or even freak out if they as much as touched my little finger. At first I thought that maybe I was putting people off, but later it was explained to me that English people are just incredibly nervous about touching people they don't know very well.

I've been to conventions in quite a few countries by now, and England is the only country where most people asked for a handshake rather than a hug. :XD:

2nd March 2012

7 days ago #9291079        

I think it's because people expect others won't like it. I prefer to hug personally.

28 days ago #9278417        

Something I noticed when I visited the UK. Everybody's so... prissy about stuff like that. Down here we kiss/hug people we just met in certain contexts. It's so ingrained it gets weird when you're trying NOT to. And you get really hungry for a hug after a while.

29 days ago #9277963        

Sister Denmark is so pretteh!:3
I wonder who she might end up with in the future?
I think Denmark and England's flag colors match each other, being the same flag, but colors are in different places, plus the center of the cross is slightly different on them.
For some reason, I feel like shipping Sister Denmark with England now:XD:


19 F
2 months ago #9268169        

hahaha have you been to Finland? most of them aren't big on hugs either

2 months ago #9259098        

Here we dont really apoligezie when someone accedentily touches you or bumps in to you, unless it might have herd. So yea.

2 months ago #9257748        

In Serbia, hugs are deserved, handshakes are for anybody :D
When you bump into someone on the street, usually there's no reaction, people are used to that as it happens quite often :D


20 M
3 months ago #9253985        

yeah, if you accidentally bump into someone, you apologize around here. Hugs are dished out more readily as a sign of camaraderie though.


18 F

Online Now
4 months ago #9226914        

Pretty much the same here, we want our personal space! Whenever we so much touch someone we don't know we apologise right away :XD:

5 months ago #9206794        

In Mexico we hug the ones we know and give one kiss in the cheek and a handshake for those we just met. I have several Swedish friends how used to laugh at me saying that the kiss on the cheek is a French thing we shouldn't be imitating; they just greeted me with a kiss and a hug in my birthday, otherwise, there was an awkard wave :')


22 F
6 months ago #9191929        

In America, you get an apology if someone just walks by you too closely without even touching you.

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