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When I went to England I noticed that people would apologize or even freak out if they as much as touched my little finger. At first I thought that maybe I was putting people off, but later it was explained to me that English people are just incredibly nervous about touching people they don't know very well.

I've been to conventions in quite a few countries by now, and England is the only country where most people asked for a handshake rather than a hug. :XD:

2nd March 2012

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15 M
10 days ago #9386498        

@valenKnight Just dive tackle a random person and start smuthering them with a hug until security tells you to stop

16 days ago #9383822        

Funny and true.

22 days ago #9380536        

That's weird, touching people isn't much of a big deal in Turkey.

25 days ago #9378589        

As an English person: I touch you, I snatch my hand to my side and avoid eye contact. You touch me, I jerk away. We are not the friendliest/touchiest of people. This comic is pretty accurate... I never realised it until now... ._.



576 M
1 month ago #9374933        

I swiftly retreat the offending limb if I accidentally touch someone, and depending on the situation I may apologise too, but I won't freak out like this.

1 month ago #9370272        

meanwhile, at american anime cons, it is perfectly acceptable to randomly hug someone you've never met, sometimes at high speeds.

3 months ago #9355440        

America is the same way


22 F
4 months ago #9348789        

Sexual harassment is in Denmark mostly a thing we make fun of. Feminism too. I don't think that Danes are good at showing sentiment, it mostly is expressed by teasing. Any type of attention-giving is a way of saying ''I like you!''. So accidentally touching a person, isn't at all a way of showing interest, it's just an accident. If a person hugs me on purpose, It's really weird. But if a person hugs me as an accident - thought I was someone else or whatnot - no bother! :D

5 months ago #9333380        

...this does explain why that last episode of Sherlock played out the way it did.

5 months ago #9326051        

Oh this reminds me of when I was living India, there if someone accidentally touch you with their foot, then they have to apologize by first touching their own chest with their hand and then touching your arm or leg.

Considering the number of people that lives in India this happens quite a lot in the big cities. I wonder if it's and English influence from the colonial period.

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