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When I went to England I noticed that people would apologize or even freak out if they as much as touched my little finger. At first I thought that maybe I was putting people off, but later it was explained to me that English people are just incredibly nervous about touching people they don't know very well.

I've been to conventions in quite a few countries by now, and England is the only country where most people asked for a handshake rather than a hug. :XD:

2nd March 2012

4 days ago #9133347      

Yeah in Oregon it's either a handshake or handshake/half a hug. And if you run into someone you apologize then keep walking unless you bowl them over then you make sure they're ok

18 days ago #9124122      

Aww, poor England!

29 days ago #9115432      

In Russia girls greet each other with hug or cheek kissing but I like handshake more. I like to do it by funny way, but sometimes it looks like arm-wrestling (especially with cousin.)

1 month ago #9109755      

Sometimes I don't even shake people's hands. If it's just an informal meeting I just do this awkward one handed wave thing and move on with my life. I'll hug my friends if they want a hug but never as a greeting unless we haven't seen each other in ages. I can't speak for everyone, but most of the people I know round here are not very huggy people.

2 months ago #9100807      

That's not true and that differs from state to state , We wouldn't hug around these parts but maybe a handshake .

2 months ago #9100805      

What about handshakes ?

2 months ago #9099577      

Have you been to Finland? I wouldn't imagine anyone here hugging someone they just met.

2 months ago #9096717      

I'm already nervous like that so it would be normal if I went there XD

2 months ago #9095335      

Hah, in the part of Scotland I live in it's almost unheard of to even think about touching someone, we're very hands off.

2 months ago #9086082      

The English would freak out here too, we love hugs, especially in groups of friends were everyone is hugging everyone. At my school we even have free hug Wednesday were you have to go and hug everyone you know, and are introduced to

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