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More Difficult Love


More Difficult Love

Their love is a difficult one.

If Germany and Sister Japan ever got married, you can be damn sure Netherlands and Denmark would screw up the honeymoon vacation. :XD:

I promise to post a less stupid comic tomorrow.

1st September 2010

5 months ago #9139200        

I wonder why sister Japan and Germany were paired together.

5 months ago #9132136        

This is the type of relationship I want. A woman who will put up with the stupid stuff my friends do. Even when they are complete idiots she still tolerates me.


13 F
6 months ago #9124999        

Haahahha :D

6 months ago #9123450        

I wonder if when they lift his shirt like that, he's naked all the way down.


27 M
6 months ago #9117150        

@mrnewwanderer im pretty While I'm certain this is not the reason, I know that the labor laws in Japan was heavily influenced by German labor laws when they were made :) German professionals was also brought in in the restoration/meiji period, though many other people from other nations were also brought in.. :3

6 months ago #9112855        

@Extazy I don't know about that. Their relationship wasn't nearly as close to them as it was with Italy or even Bulgaria. But this must be out of some other reason.


20 M
6 months ago #9112618        

@mrnewwanderer I think it's because Germany and Japan were allies during WW2, but idk..

7 months ago #9103106        

Does the Germany/s Japan romance relationship reflect any real-life relationship between Germany and Japan? Or is it just fiction?

Also, Germany really has to fix his hair. It looks so sweaty and greasy.

7 months ago #9103028        

Surprise yaoi, normally associate it when stumbling upon traps, but this is good too. Sorta reminds me of surprise butt sex.

7 months ago #9092533        

@bloodshog dido Germany is sooooooooooooo cute<3

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