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More Difficult Love

More Difficult Love

Their love is a difficult one.

If Germany and Sister Japan ever got married, you can be damn sure Netherlands and Denmark would screw up the honeymoon vacation. :XD:

I promise to post a less stupid comic tomorrow.

1st September 2010
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21 M
8 days ago #9328068        

This is my favorite couple, I've decided that.

12 days ago #9326331        

Sister Japan is so cute! *^_^*


16 F
23 days ago #9322181        

Aaaaw :3

2 months ago #9310185        

Poor Germany, I feel so sorry for him: everyone just pushes him over.

2 months ago #9307486        

I hate how everyone makes fun of Germany


15 F
2 months ago #9301326        

Poor Germany. His neighbors are so weird.

2 months ago #9296876        

i like germany/japan perfect couple

2 months ago #9296772        

Germany is always their victim :3


17 M
3 months ago #9286432        

It's kinda funny thinking that Germany and Sister Japan would be together after their long history =D

3 months ago #9281103        

and this is why Germany invaded Netherlands twice and Denmark once…

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