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Multi Language

I was highly amused when an American told me he wanted to be more worldly by leaning languages and listed Irish as one of them. I know there's a few words that's different, but it still sounded funny.

EDIT: Okay so he probably meant Irish Gaelic, but then say Irish Gaelic. You'd be surprised by how little I know about languages so it helps to be specific. ;)

14th September 2012

5 days ago #9292500        

Last time i check the Hispanic and Latino were 17% of the USA Population, so USA knows Spanish and can't denied.

12 days ago #9288440        

@ShylokVakarian, it translates as "Quiet road girl milk and can I go to the toilet" it's a common joke we use to act like we know the language!

15 days ago #9287174        


That seems vaguely Latin. Not sure why, it just does to me.

15 days ago #9287054        

ha good luck learning Irish. We are taught it for fourteen years and only 8% are fluent! Ciúnas bóthar cailín bainne, agus an bhfuil cead agam ag dul amach go dti an leithreas.


99 M
15 days ago #9286397        

@CheesyWeesy since @aecoleman is being precise about the naming of languages then I guess I should butt in as well. Central America and South America actually speak Castellano. Trust me.........


22 F
1 month ago #9275029        

In Norway you start to learn English in first grade (not to mention you have to learn both the Norwegian written languages) and when you get to middle school you have to choose a third language, the choice you have are different from school to school but German, Spanish, French or Chinese is normal.


11 F
3 months ago #9249952        

Schools around where I live just started requiring us to take language courses
Mostly Just Spanish,French, And German
I'm already fluent in Japanese

3 months ago #9247632        

Actually, the word "Gaelic" specifically refers to the Scottish language, whereas the Irish language is known as "Irish." Calling Irish "Gaelic" is a distinctly American thing to do, so the guy you spoke to was being correct. Though, to avoid confusion with Americans (and Danes ;), it would be acceptable to say "the Irish language."

3 months ago #9242935        

@RafaelNueda Mexico speaks Spanish, and in some US schools, another language is required, which is either Spanish, French, or now Chinese.

4 months ago #9227668        

Halò! Ciamar a tha sibh?

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