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Multi Language


Multi Language

I was highly amused when an American told me he wanted to be more worldly by leaning languages and listed Irish as one of them. I know there's a few words that's different, but it still sounded funny.

EDIT: Okay so he probably meant Irish Gaelic, but then say Irish Gaelic. You'd be surprised by how little I know about languages so it helps to be specific. ;)

14th September 2012

21 hours ago #9227668        

Halò! Ciamar a tha sibh?

11 days ago #9221307        

But doesn't America speak Spanish and a bit of Mexican?

20 days ago #9215627        

@sultum no it isint it's more a Germanic language from Anglo Saxons and Saxons these days are Dutch and German + here is an example. Ich habe ein computer und iPod. I have a computer and iPod.


18 F
3 months ago #9160682        

English is just a french dialect.

3 months ago #9150761        

I wish Mexico appear more often.

4 months ago #9143094        

Yeaaaah, Irish Gaelic is actually a challenging one to learn.


21 M
4 months ago #9142835        

@TwilightPanther don't forget French! :D And technically Russian thanks to Alaska...

4 months ago #9142245        

@Manasstalker Because of the huge amount of Latin-Americans in the United States and the only neighbour-countries either speaking Spanish or Canadian-English, not because a lot of native citizens of the United States speak it (Caucasian and African Americans foremostly).

5 months ago #9124299        

I'm learning English from 5th grade but now children learn it from kindergarten, I think. But my only love is Icelandic:)


13 F
5 months ago #9109210        

it's called English America, English.

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