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I was highly amused when an American told me he wanted to be more worldly by leaning languages and listed Irish as one of them. I know there's a few words that's different, but it still sounded funny.

EDIT: Okay so he probably meant Irish Gaelic, but then say Irish Gaelic. You'd be surprised by how little I know about languages so it helps to be specific. ;)

14th September 2012

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9 days ago #9385802        

@SasanachAerach: Gaeilge... Tá sé go hálainn...

19 days ago #9381307        

I have read that the first foreign language the US Constitution was translated into was Scots Gaelic, --so that a settlement of Scots could vote whether they wanted to live under it or not. They debated it hotly, then voted "no". However it passed without them and was adopted in 1787.

1 month ago #9372570        

Hey! Is teanga difriúil é Gaeilge ná "Hiberno English", agus is é "Irish" an t-ainm atá air as Béarla. Ná deirtear "Irish Gaelic" i áit ar bith ach Meiriceá. :P
Hey! Irish is a different language than Hiberno-English, and it is called "Irish" in English. "Irish Gaelic" is only said in America. :P
(Tá brón orm nach bhfuil mo chuid Gaeilge níos fhearr, ach ná chuir mé é in usáid le cúpla bhlian mar táim i Gearmáin anois.)

1 month ago #9369272        

OH buachaill hÉireann

(Oh boy Irish)



21 M
3 months ago #9357176        



3 months ago #9353780        

@NTruths: "Almost every last Democrat wants to keep guns out of the hands of anyone who knows how to use them. "
Now, that's not fair. The Democrats mainly want the only ones to own guns to be the ones that know how to use them. Really well, as proven by long attendance to an approved range. And have attended various safety courses. And have applied a year in advance. And passed a psych test.

Oh wait, that's actually how it is in Germany, but I'm pretty sure the Democrats would like something similar.
Just for the record, since I figure that either side might question my views: I sure love my firearms, and I'm not keen to adopt the German or similar system, but I don't think it wise to go back to the pre-gun control can-order-anti-tank-rifles-via-mail-order system. Which was a real thing. Despite my fondness for such weapons, I will accept a bit of control.

@Mecharic: "Assuming those f*ck as republicans are all shot dead and the borders open properly again -_- "
Take your medicine as prescribed. Don't skip doses, and don't double down on the next dose when you do.

4 months ago #9342802        

I'm hoping for some day see brother Mexico in your comic :D

5 months ago #9334385        

There is no such term as "Irish Gaelic." The English term for the native Irish language is simply "Irish." It'd be like calling the German language "German Deutsch."

5 months ago #9330777        

I live in a somewhat large town, and go to public (state-run) school. It's pretty much impossible to go a day at my school without hearing Spanish being spoken. So in my (slightly biased) experience, Spanish is a reasonably widely-spoken language in America. That said, I live in a rather poor, immigrant-heavy town near a large city. Go to, say, the back roads of Kansas, and you'll see a very different story.

5 months ago #9329993        

It would be the same as me saying that i want to learn Flemish :p
Since only a few words are different from dutch

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