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Multi Language


Multi Language

I was highly amused when an American told me he wanted to be more worldly by leaning languages and listed Irish as one of them. I know there's a few words that's different, but it still sounded funny.

EDIT: Okay so he probably meant Irish Gaelic, but then say Irish Gaelic. You'd be surprised by how little I know about languages so it helps to be specific. ;)

14th September 2012

17 days ago #9124299      

I'm learning English from 5th grade but now children learn it from kindergarten, I think. But my only love is Icelandic:)


13 F
1 month ago #9109210      

it's called English America, English.

1 month ago #9104827      


1 month ago #9104785      

Doubt it. She wrote that they were both finlanders.

1 month ago #9104062      

Ones Russian and the others Finnish (;

2 months ago #9096648      

I do think we should know a few more languages. o3o We're getting better at that slowly

2 months ago #9092438      


They mistook them for russians? How? I cant see any similarity between finish and russian language.

2 months ago #9092409      

It'd be nice if our schools offered more than one or two possible secondary languages. Yeah, a lot Americans don't want or feel the need to learn a secondary language, but it'd be nice if it was an option. For example, I'm trying to learn Russian, and I think it would be easier to learn if I was taking a class rather than teaching myself. And I don't understand why we have to take English Language Arts for all twelve years of (pre-college/trade school/whatever) schooling. I would prefer taking a foreign language or sign language class instead. It's very frustrating.

2 months ago #9081001      

So many people speak English as a secondary language these days that English-speakers just don't bother to learn any other languages. XD A few British tourists in Spain once mistook my mom and her friend (Finns) for Russians. ...That's a deadly insult for a Finn. We'd much rather get mistaken for Swedes than Russians. XD

Speaking of Russian, it's actually not such a bad language. I learned the alphabet in two days - I'm studying Russian and German right now (I know Finnish and English fluently, the basics of Swedish and Spanish and some Japanese - that's seven languages if you count the former two).

2 months ago #9079124      

Spanish is the most popular second language in America though...Though I get your initial point C:

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