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New Nordic

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New Nordic

Scotland has said they want to be part of the Nordics when they get free from England. The Nordics have shown a positive interest in the suggestion.

Meanwhile Estonia which has tried for years to be accepted as one of the Nordics is still ignored. The world just isn't fair. :XD:

29th January 2012

6 days ago #9289766        

Poor Estonia. Even her chocolate ice cream is vanilla!

11 days ago #9287169        

Even I admit that was a dumb move on Scotland's part to vote no. Next time, just vote yes and be done with England...not that I hate England, but if you're going to complain about England and stick with them anyways, you're just an American-type mind (Read: An idiot)


17 M
19 days ago #9281197        

@Puttekock. The highlands, Caithness, Orkney and Shetland do. What "proud" scottish people say is the Scottish national traits and culture are actually Highlands and Islands mostly, tracing back from Victorian times when they had this image of Highlanders being superb soldiers through Racial science (the same one as the unfortunate idea of subhuman races). Very few people realise this. Also, most people don't want to pay more tax (I personally wouldn't mind for a better social and health service).

23 days ago #9279125        

Oh Estonia....

2 months ago #9266550        

*Yorkshire begins crying with whippet in corner as well
they have more shared history with the scandiwegians than the scots and are always forgotten for some reason while scotland never goes without a mention. Denmark needs to visit his other forgotten son soon >:(

2 months ago #9264663        

There is a lot of Viking in the genes of Scots.... The pissed off Estonian is wearing a Finnish flag and the Finnish guy is left out of the current Nordic "Club"!

3 months ago #9250763        

Well. That um fortuned did not work out... To bad.


25 M
3 months ago #9248352        

Sucks to be Scotland... They were offered more freedom in exchange for voting no, and England screwed them over, and didn't give them what they promised at all...

3 months ago #9247977        

Why did you vote no, we wanted you in club Scandinavia

3 months ago #9246624        

Alas, we voted no :(

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