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New Nordic


New Nordic

Scotland has said they want to be part of the Nordics when they get free from England. The Nordics have shown a positive interest in the suggestion.

Meanwhile Estonia which has tried for years to be accepted as one of the Nordics is still ignored. The world just isn't fair. :XD:

29th January 2012

18 hours ago #9246624        

Alas, we voted no :(

2 days ago #9245961        

Scotland will remain with England after all!

4 days ago #9243862        

@Tyrasweden ...estonia, scotland...

9 days ago #9240642        

@danp0909 We would let you join're such a nice hat :3

12 days ago #9238902        

How Scotland is more Nordic than Estonia?

19 days ago #9235090        

sweden, denmark, iceland, finland, norway...


21 M
3 months ago #9180296        

Can Canada join? We're northern as well!

3 months ago #9177701        

@wilby You're more than welcome!

3 months ago #9176288        

Nooo, Why can't England join. We only need to tweak our flag slightly.

3 months ago #9172220        

Pretty pls? :,(

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