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New Nordic


New Nordic

Scotland has said they want to be part of the Nordics when they get free from England. The Nordics have shown a positive interest in the suggestion.

Meanwhile Estonia which has tried for years to be accepted as one of the Nordics is still ignored. The world just isn't fair. :XD:

29th January 2012

7 days ago #9130899      

@olivvu No no no Baltics are great...*Whispers*But Scandinavians better

9 days ago #9129542      

Sorry, but she's just too far east!

10 days ago #9128561      


The Baltics has never been good enough for estonians. While Baltic-finnic is so much more than just Baltic.


14 F
11 days ago #9128052      

@EstoniaNordic Oh so, the Baltics ain't good enough anymore? :D

25 days ago #9117927      

Pure Scottish!!!!!
Finland is finally agreeing to something *squeaky bubble eyes*
I've never seen them s-so ha-appy together *trembles*

28 days ago #9115414      

scotland dose share a lot of nordic history plus they would do well in the ecnomic market what with scottish oil in the north sea (i think im right on them being in the north sea) and the norwegien oil

1 month ago #9108434      

SCOTLAND!!!!! It would be so awesome. <3 Sooooo awesome. And Finns wouldn't be the only ones with a language that's different from all the others. The again, there are a few similarities between at least Swedish and English... Not sure about Norwegian or Danish.

1 month ago #9108277      

Estonia=Nordic plz?No?Okay:(

1 month ago #9104290      

Where bouts of are you from?

1 month ago #9101132      

Good for Scotland, they deserve something good once and a while.

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