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New Nordic


New Nordic

Scotland has said they want to be part of the Nordics when they get free from England. The Nordics have shown a positive interest in the suggestion.

Meanwhile Estonia which has tried for years to be accepted as one of the Nordics is still ignored. The world just isn't fair. :XD:

29th January 2012


15 F
12 days ago #9310902        

@Xadiar Yes, I am discriminating against a comic, because I honestly don't care whether or not Estonia joins the Nordics in real life.


13 M
13 days ago #9310305        

@6ArTrA6 Actualy I think that's certainly not fair. That's discrimination.

18 days ago #9307647        

The thing I especially like is that I had no idea Estonia wanted to be Nordic up until I read these comics, so when I heard Scotland might wanna join I was happy because "Someone wants to be a nordic country"


15 F
24 days ago #9303143        

Now I want chocolate too. :(

29 days ago #9300172        

@theodcyning I'm from West Yorkshire, a county in the Yorkshire and Humber region, and West Yorkshire's flag has a Nordic cross on it, which is awesome.

Also it's said that the Yorkshire accent is somewhat similar to the Danish accent, especially along the Yorkshire coast

30 days ago #9299670        

I actually almost cried at the last panel... Poor Estonia D:


15 F
1 month ago #9298988        

The world is fair. The nordics are all male, and I don' like their female counterparts much, so Estonia can't join.

1 month ago #9298577        

Scotland's so.... fluffy.


36 M
1 month ago #9297471        

Who's Estonia? and forget Ice cream I'll bring the Whisky :D

2 months ago #9289766        

Poor Estonia. Even her chocolate ice cream is vanilla!

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