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New Year 2014


New Year 2014

Hope your year will start better than this comic. :)

1st January 2014

3 months ago #9236326        

oh Humon, you're the best XD


100 M
4 months ago #9204437        

Even in this form. Sweden looks sassy as hell.

4 months ago #9199640        

You DRAW these masterpieces of comedy and art?

7 months ago #9142488        

I've found another Scot!

7 months ago #9136258        

Teach me how to draw
This is so brilliant ;u;

9 months ago #9107183        

Nah!, go Finland (your cap is so LOVELY!!!!)
Oh yeah and the knife and beer

9 months ago #9092608        

Iceland is so cute like always!

10 months ago #9082972        

I don't know why is on every(maybe) picture Finland angry or amused


15 M
10 months ago #9082234        

They does that in sweden to. We always celebrate New Year with my grandparents in Stockholm. Once, a drunk guy held a rocket on the street, luckly, he threw it, and it "just" blew up in the middle of the street.

10 months ago #9081791        

that is SO DANISH. Don't know why. It's really stupid. But holding our fireworks the hand and lighting it. That's actualy a thing we do quite alot. Sometimes we just take a rocket, break of the stick, light it up, throw it and run like hell seaking cover. Ofc if you're drunk enough you wont run. Not because you're not afraid. But your legs wont move.

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