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No Beer Left


No Beer Left

A silly idea I got at OkashiiCon. :XD:

9th March 2011

20 days ago #9189915        

@America-sama Hehe, yeah it does!

20 days ago #9189876        

@DanishGirlDK Kisses of beer seems hot!

22 days ago #9188538        

Says Denmark

22 days ago #9188536        

All I want for Christmas is a new house made of beer

4 months ago #9130230        

It's nice that Sweden is looking at the bright side for once.
I don't think the Beer Ghost has a chance against Iceland's lava demons...

4 months ago #9121815        

Smash the bottle but he will do anything for the beer, even if it's in your mouth already!

4 months ago #9115436        


6 months ago #9059132        

Is it bad that I found that adorable??


25 F
7 months ago #9046779        

loool and cute!

7 months ago #9046213        

*kiss of beer*LOL

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