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No Beer Left

No Beer Left

A silly idea I got at OkashiiCon. :XD:

9th March 2011

Tagged in Sweden Denmark

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18 days ago #9383777        

Beer ghost-- it's a spirit thing, right ?

24 days ago #9380554        

How come "beerghost" is tagged in two other strips but not this one?
Why do I obsess over things like that?


52 M
5 months ago #9327375        

A beer bed ;)


20 M
5 months ago #9325862        

@Xanadre Come on, this is the internet, the limits of weird only stop at the end of your imagination, and maybe a few key laws of your governing region.


6 months ago #9320678        

((Is it weird im shipping beer ghost and Denmark now? ok.))

7 months ago #9299845        

Getting along very well indeed... hehehe...


17 F
9 months ago #9269282        

I'd like to see a comic with Denmark at the Oktoberfest chased with the little ghost XD


15 M
9 months ago #9267537        


9 months ago #9265887's probably weird that I now want to ship Denmark and beer ghost.

1 year ago #9189915        

@America-sama Hehe, yeah it does!

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