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No other hat will do


No other hat will do

Of course a reference to this comic :)

England makes a lousy hat. :(

9th October 2009


999 F
9 days ago #9130485      

@omnomnom I thought I was the only one ^-^


22 M
20 days ago #9123019      

Pretty sure that I'm not the only one in Scandinavia who would love some more time with Canada (come be a part of us <3)


13 F
1 month ago #9109034      

I see a hetalia moment here. Canada and a polar bear.

1 month ago #9106457      

America is just so BIG.

1 month ago #9104033      

God dammit! It's The United Kingdom!

1 month ago #9104030      

They don't own us anymore * sniffles *
Stop looking at me I don't miss them


100 M
2 months ago #9100979      

But England's hat is Scotland....

2 months ago #9085837      

We miss you Canada :'(

2 months ago #9079526      

I'm so glad to see that Americans aren't the only ones who think Canada makes an awesome hat :)


35 M
3 months ago #9071840      

Too funny

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