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No other hat will do

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No other hat will do

Of course a reference to this comic :)

England makes a lousy hat. :(

9th October 2009

21 days ago #9278939        

Sadly, we are an ocean apart and it's hard to be a good hat, with that much distance between us.


20 M
3 months ago #9252879        

@CanadianKat Alas, I have heard whispers, but cannot confirm it myself. I will say that we'll always protect our northern neighbors. NO ONE TOUCHES OUR HAT EXCEPT US!

3 months ago #9247108        

Yes apparently we Canadians make great hats. I haven't gotten a chance to ask an American if it's true though. XD

Also, Polar Bears yay. I think Canada should have a pet Beaver.

5 months ago #9193521        

Poor, poor England. Also, America would never get England as a hat.

5 months ago #9192703        

This is still one of my favourite comics. Canada is just so happy to have something in common with someone else and be invited to come along! ^.^

6 months ago #9177392        

@nadz exactly what i did too! XD

6 months ago #9171357        

haha, i can hear him saying "thank god" in that godly accent :D

7 months ago #9152345        

Hahahahaha... America needs his hat, tho... XD


999 F
8 months ago #9130485        

@omnomnom I thought I was the only one ^-^


22 M
9 months ago #9123019        

Pretty sure that I'm not the only one in Scandinavia who would love some more time with Canada (come be a part of us <3)

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