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No other hat will do

No other hat will do

Of course a reference to this comic :)

England makes a lousy hat. :(

10th October 2009
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37 F
21 days ago #9334096        

Canada is the best hat.

22 days ago #9333571        

Only Canada will do!


21 M
1 month ago #9327779        

Wouldn't we need to conquer France in order to have Britain as our hat? VIVI LA CONQUESTA!

Or something.


21 M
2 months ago #9314991        

@CanadianKat You guys are the little, more responsible sibling. We're the more brash and loud older brother. We might make fun of you guys sometimes, but if anyone else picks on you, they have to deal with us :) (Wish we had your healthcare)


2 months ago #9309008        

Uh... if Canada is our hat, does that make Mexico our trousers/pants?


15 F
3 months ago #9301898        

@Calguy Yes. We Americans are very protective of our hat.

4 months ago #9278939        

Sadly, we are an ocean apart and it's hard to be a good hat, with that much distance between us.


20 M
6 months ago #9252879        

@CanadianKat Alas, I have heard whispers, but cannot confirm it myself. I will say that we'll always protect our northern neighbors. NO ONE TOUCHES OUR HAT EXCEPT US!

6 months ago #9247108        

Yes apparently we Canadians make great hats. I haven't gotten a chance to ask an American if it's true though. XD

Also, Polar Bears yay. I think Canada should have a pet Beaver.

9 months ago #9193521        

Poor, poor England. Also, America would never get England as a hat.

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