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No way out


No way out

In Denmark I'm used to locks like these on the front door, so to me it was slightly creepy that you needed a key to get out in England.

28th July 2012


19 M
6 days ago #9135641      

wait, i live in denmark, and i basically never see those locks on front doors? only on public toilets. oh well, must be because im a jyllænder :P

1 month ago #9109092      

I've been used to key locks in Norway - Though where I live now, the bedrooms have that ''danish'' lock


14 M
1 month ago #9106880      

Englands face :)


15 F
2 months ago #9103826      

In our house we have two frontdoors and the one of them also have a keyhole inside and i'm dane xD I find it funny.. x3

2 months ago #9087615      

Uh oh D:

2 months ago #9081917      

It's like that in America too.

3 months ago #9060585      

Yeah I also have the same locks now that I'm studying in Copenhagen. I just love England expression on this one :):)


26 M
3 months ago #9059719      

My toilet door has a keyhole on both ends :(

3 months ago #9055428      

Us Canadian's don't need to lock our doors XD

4 months ago #9028972      

In Italy you don't have to turn the key to lock the front door from either the inside and the outside. You just close it and if you are inside you can just open it as you do everytime, but you need the key if you are outside the house ^^

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