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No way out


No way out

In Denmark I'm used to locks like these on the front door, so to me it was slightly creepy that you needed a key to get out in England.

28th July 2012

18 days ago #9190960        

I'm used to the locks in the link, but also added locks on the door knobs that keep them from turning. Us and our safety...

19 days ago #9190131        

You know, I never realised how creepy it actually is.

19 days ago #9189817        

Wait what? That is weird... (Canadian, NEVER heard of that....)

1 month ago #9173272        

Out the window!


20 F
2 months ago #9165875        

I only ever saw locks like the link. how weird of all those people in the comments not having those.xD yeah. I'm Norweigan.


25 F
2 months ago #9161080        

We had a front door you needed a key for in the house I grew up. But the key always sat in the key hole on the inside whenever someone was home.


16 M
2 months ago #9152584        

Try a Western European solution. Let everybody have a key or put a key next to the door on the inside

2 months ago #9150974        

That is... Disturbing. Note to self, buy an axe if visiting England ever.

3 months ago #9144259        

Oh wow. I didn't know England used that type of lock! Dang. I'm screwed if I lose my key inside (which happens more often than out)!


19 M
3 months ago #9135641        

wait, i live in denmark, and i basically never see those locks on front doors? only on public toilets. oh well, must be because im a jyllænder :P

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