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No way out

No way out

In Denmark I'm used to locks like these on the front door, so to me it was slightly creepy that you needed a key to get out in England.

28th July 2012

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14 days ago #9358369        

Not common in America except if the door has any windows on either side. A burglar could smash the window and reach the inside of the lock from the outside; requiring a key to unlock from the inside prevents this.

15 days ago #9358167        

I can see so many safety problems with that :\

2 months ago #9347433        

This is the method I use to firmly introduce people to fandoms I'm in.

3 months ago #9323975        

It depends on the door, but its almost the same here



15 F
5 months ago #9302731        

Dat smile though....

5 months ago #9299803        

I generally prefer the ones which automatically lock when you close them, except when you accidentally lock yourself out! :P

5 months ago #9297847        

England's face in the end


18 M
5 months ago #9295068        

Same where i live too

6 months ago #9286156        

I never realised how creepy it is to have a keyhole but no lock. Only the one with the key decides D:

6 months ago #9282911        

Wait... So say you go out... Is there a lock outside too? So there's 2 locks? Or is it like in Canada but reversed? #(0_0)# mind. Blown.

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