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Norway in Denmark

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Norway in Denmark

“It’s wonderful to be Norwegian in Denmark” is the slogan of a travel agency, that as the slogan suggests arrange vacations for Norwegians to Denmark. The TV commercials have become so infamous in Norway that it has spurred several versions of the slogan like “It’s wonderful to be Norwegian in Norway” and so on. Here is one of the adds with English subtitles

At least three times a month I get notes from Norwegians pointing out how naughty the slogan sounds when you look at the countries as people, and when I got three this week I decided that it was time to put it in a comic. :XD:

15th January 2010

2 months ago #9266850        


9 months ago #9106551        

*clicks the link*
Youtube: "This Video is unavailable."


10 months ago #9087173        

so does that mean it is great to be Swed in Aland;)

10 months ago #9087168        

Denmark you are always drunk

11 months ago #9066064        

I don't know if someone has posted this before me, but since the original video has been removed, here is an old commercial:

"Last summer, my dad asked me: Shall we visit Norway this summer?
No, I said, then I wouldn't have anyone to play with.
All the Norwegian kids are in Denmark during the summer."

“It’s wonderful to be Norwegian in Denmark”


16 F
11 months ago #9065309        

I knew Norway tops XD

12 months ago #9053764        

Denmark, that`s all there is to it.. :D

12 months ago #9052099        

preety good idea

12 months ago #9050489        

I know, but I'm drunk right now... Hilarious!!!

1 year ago #9037087        

Swedens face in the last panel!

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