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Oh no he didn't


Oh no he didn't

America can be a little touchy on the subject, even when he is not directly involved.

We are no way near as touchy about slavery in Scandinavia because we mainly had white slaves from our own countries and Ireland.

24th February 2010

3 months ago #9154338        

@humon ah the irish, aren't they just great...

4 months ago #9141414        

And that, brother, is why we don't give the Germans any grief.


13 F
5 months ago #9113265        

that's just like Germany and "yathzee"

6 months ago #9110531        

this was way too funny

6 months ago #9109889        


6 months ago #9105656        

Oh America......

6 months ago #9087470        

that face is priceless I also love Denmark's what

7 months ago #9073547        

Ireland you say <_<

8 months ago #9052168        

well it's always a way of seeing it...

8 months ago #9050497        

Americas face!

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