Oh no he didn't

Oh no he didn't

America can be a little touchy on the subject, even when he is not directly involved.

We are no way near as touchy about slavery in Scandinavia because we mainly had white slaves from our own countries and Ireland.

24th February 2010
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21 M
11 days ago #9327962        

AH! DICTATORSHIP! CONQUERING! Must.... Invade... Must.... Spread.... Freedom...

2 months ago #9310491        

Before you judge, it was our bloodiest war. And a civil war. And the mere thought kinda makes me cringe.

2 months ago #9298002        

the mere thought of irish slaves makes me shudder


3 months ago #9278665        

The Celts settled in comfortably in Orkney and Iceland anyway. Especially after Iceland got ganked by the Turks.

3 months ago #9276856        

@fangirlninja Me too.
People must learn about the Danish humour to understand that Denmark didn't mean it literally.

4 months ago #9269825        

That took me a while to get ouo


17 F

Online Now
4 months ago #9266998        

America's face XD
Always in other's personnal affairs


20 F
5 months ago #9248557        

Hahaha the face of America XD

6 months ago #9243794        

Humon forgets that there were also plento of slaves from the slavic region. However, all this was over a thousand years ago, so even that is no longer a touchy subject here.


22 M
6 months ago #9235105        

What?.....what is worng with owning black.... in a cand game!

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