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Oh no he didn't

Oh no he didn't

America can be a little touchy on the subject, even when he is not directly involved.

We are no way near as touchy about slavery in Scandinavia because we mainly had white slaves from our own countries and Ireland.

25th February 2010

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2 months ago #9369298        

More France, England and Scotland than Ireland, to be honest.

2 months ago #9360341        

"we mainly had white slaves from our own countries and Ireland." Because fuck you Ireland!

3 months ago #9354222        

my siblings and I say this to each other all the time, including the gasp part. it's hilarious. ;P

4 months ago #9343528        

The weirdest part is I totally am not judging him, and would definitely say that to a black friend of mine if I were beating them at a game we were playing. Like I played Obama at internet solitaire, and I totally owned him at that game!


4 months ago #9340349        

Surprisingly I got the message imedintly about the slave. But I didn't know enough to judge Denmark when America jumped in I noticed Denmarks face
And guessed he was new to the subject. And anyway congo probably learned that owning someone wasn't always "owning" them. :)


21 M
4 months ago #9338628        

@Xarsor MUST. INVADE. COMMIE. NATIONS. CAPITALIIISMMMMM.... CAPITALIIIISSSMMMMMM.... -walks forward like a zombie but with a bag of money in one hand and an AK47 in the other-

5 months ago #9337881        

@Mecharic NO, I want communism!


21 M
5 months ago #9327962        

AH! DICTATORSHIP! CONQUERING! Must.... Invade... Must.... Spread.... Freedom...

7 months ago #9310491        

Before you judge, it was our bloodiest war. And a civil war. And the mere thought kinda makes me cringe.

7 months ago #9298002        

the mere thought of irish slaves makes me shudder

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