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Bad parents get bad children, England. >:C

Every time USA acts up, it’s just because he wants his father’s attention.

17th September 2010


25 F
14 days ago #9309650        

Oddly enough however England was asking how america was doing and was being told 'everything is fine'. They were even adding extension after extension to the debt america owed.
So in comic form this is more a sullen teen refusing to talk at the dinner table and then slashing his father's tires out of misplaced spite.


15 F
25 days ago #9302720        

One of my favorites. Love how instead of a teddy bear, toddler America has a teddy eagle.


24 F
28 days ago #9300627        

Awwww, young America is so cute with that stuffed bald eagle! ^_^

1 month ago #9298005        

i told america to do that thats what ye get for messing with me

2 months ago #9284976        

Yes, a little bit, he even has his own category.


25 F
2 months ago #9284123        

Have we actually seen Ireland yet?

2 months ago #9280580        

Boston tea party - just a funny version of it!


48 M
2 months ago #9279764        

HAhahaha! So true... :P

2 months ago #9277865        


2 months ago #9277584        

Ohhhh, this explains everything!

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