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Bad parents get bad children, England. >:C

Every time USA acts up, it’s just because he wants his father’s attention.

18th September 2010

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2 days ago #9390196        

is the last panel a refference to the Boston Tea Party?

5 days ago #9388409        

Those are his pajamas.

7 days ago #9387823        

someone care to explain what the hell is with america's flag-shit in the second panel? (where it has red and blue lines going up and done with stars on it)

10 days ago #9385604        

One of the UK's straws that broke the USA camel's back was the quartering of Hessian (George III's German mercenary) soldiers in private houses.
Every American family with a house had to take at least one soldier, give him a bed, feed him two meals a day, and try to keep their daughters safe.
If you want to start a war, this is a sure-fire way to do it.



14 M
22 days ago #9379718        

R.i.p tea

23 days ago #9379363        

EXACTLY. Finally, someone gets it.


576 M
23 days ago #9378981        

@TooDarnTall Thanks for the explanation! Makes sense I guess. I take it the resemblance to the Russian flag is purely coincidental then?

24 days ago #9378518        

@Zeust: America is dressed up as an indian (native american) and that's his warpaint.


576 M
26 days ago #9377357        

Why does America have an upside-down Russian flag on his cheek in the last panel?

3 months ago #9352898        

@Phoenix589: It's a pretty good writeup.
Yeah, despite modern beliefs, the taxes were far from draconic. It was basically the UK asking the colonies to help pay for the crap they'd started. Yeah, the colonies were kinda to blame for setting that whole thing off. George Washington and his troops had ambushed French soldiers and killed them, then promptly gotten his butt kicked when the French retaliated. Fast forward to a world war where the colonies didn't exactly pull their weight.
Seven years later, the UK asked the colonists to chip in, albeit in a lower degree than its citizens. Which didn't go over well.
Fun fact: The independence movement was heavily influenced by powerful smugglers, that didn't like that the tea and other wares brought in by the British were actually cheaper than the stuff they sold. Even after increased taxes.

But the colonies did have a point about direct representation, and thus learned an important lesson, and never did something like that themsel-- wait, US Commonwealth doesn't have direct representation to this day? They have a sort of virtual representation, not unlike what the UK were offering back then? AND they have to pay sales taxes (among others), also not unlike what was demanded of the colonies?
Goddammit, US. Goddammit.

Kidding aside, I'm pretty glad that the US achieved independence... even if the many of the people behind the movement did kind of need their butts kicked.

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