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Bad parents get bad children, England. >:C

Every time USA acts up, it’s just because he wants his father’s attention.

17th September 2010

1 day ago #9330330        

Aww, little America! I love how he has a teddy eagle.

4 days ago #9329274        

England treated the colonies fairly well up until the Seven Years War (French and Indian War here in the U.S.). After that, relations deteriorated fairly rapidly. Less than twenty years later, the wealthiest and most influential colonists (those most in favor of keeping the status quo) were saying, "Yeah, we probably should tell England to get lost."

It's hard not to blame the British Parliament for the major part of this split. They made some incredibly stupid laws between 1763 and 1775 and expected the Americans (who didn't even recognize the authority of the British parliament on their shores) to simply go along with them.


21 M
7 days ago #9328072        

In all honesty, England treated Murika fairly well - we just reached that rebellious age where we run away... and were then given food by France (in the form of bullets) so that we wouldn't go back.

7 days ago #9327739        

After reading this comic at least 10 times, I finally notice that in the last panel little America painted the stuffed eagle's wings.

The Boston Tea Party was caused by taxation of the American colonies (from which derived the "No taxation without representation" quote, because the colonies weren't represented in Parliament). The first of a long series of America's "Screw this!" to England.

8 days ago #9327330        

Poor ireland


14 F
17 days ago #9323980        

Aw. Tiny America is so cute.


16 F
22 days ago #9322170        


25 days ago #9320487        

Awwwww, poor lil' America :(


25 F
1 month ago #9309650        

Oddly enough however England was asking how america was doing and was being told 'everything is fine'. They were even adding extension after extension to the debt america owed.
So in comic form this is more a sullen teen refusing to talk at the dinner table and then slashing his father's tires out of misplaced spite.


15 F
2 months ago #9302720        

One of my favorites. Love how instead of a teddy bear, toddler America has a teddy eagle.

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