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Bad parents get bad children, England. >:C

Every time USA acts up, it’s just because he wants his father’s attention.

17th September 2010


23 M
6 days ago #9135201      

Boston tea party?

16 days ago #9128756      

Yeah, what about the Neil's & gang comics?


24 F
27 days ago #9121254      

I discovered this comic on Pinterest about a month ago and little America and his teddy eagle are adorable. Then it linked me back to the site. Love them all! Also learning a lot about Scandinavia, even if it's not perfectly historically accurate. Also enjoy the Niels comics too. :)

1 month ago #9118590      

werent there some kind of americans who took over an english trade ship and threw its cargo "down in the big teapot"?


13 F
1 month ago #9109472      

now it sounds like piper from heroes of Olympus. she "stole" a convertible.

1 month ago #9109221      

@SemperFi may thoughts is that Satw America was born blond, mostly because his "real hair color gene didn't kick in yet." I'm brunette with very dark brown hair, and I was born blonde and my hair didn't turn brunette until I was four or five, my mom too is brunette and she two was born blonde and her hair didn't change color until she was seven. just like how babies are born with blue eyes a lot of the time and then after awhile their "real eye color" shows, it's like that.


15 M
2 months ago #9105337      

So America was dyeing his hair even when he was a little kid?

2 months ago #9089829      


I know I live near New Orleans. Plus Louisiana was one of the last states to submit to union rule and the last to get it's full rights back. It took years.

2 months ago #9087265      

Neither the US or Britain won the war, the war proved america could hold its own, and the british stopped impressment of american sailors, a reason why the war started even though parliament put a stop of impressment weeks before the war started. Also same irony applies to the battle of new orleans it happened two weeks after the ended, and was also the largest battle of the war.

2 months ago #9083245      


The Spanish and French fought the British many many times, just not in the colonies during the Revolutionary war. We pretty much had to go it alone. The upside was that the French were fighting the British in Europe and for control of Atlantic Trade Routes.

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