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Perfect Creature


Perfect Creature

I love pugs, but who looked at the version we have today and said "Yes, finally it is perfect"?

26th August 2014

1 hour ago #9232921        

@rebtree so true. same goes for many cat breeds. should bash in the noses of those people who breed or buy those to give them a feeling of what they do/encourage

2 hours ago #9232901        

I can't stop staring at that pug.
I just can't
It's too cute
Much too cute

6 hours ago #9232642        

I've also never understood the breeding thing when it impacts the health/ability to function/walk/eat normally. I always feel so bad for the dog and wonder why someone would do that to a living thing on purpose. It can't run normally, has problems chewing properly... can't cope with its own snot/drool. It just makes me sad.

6 hours ago #9232639        

@Sigard I feel the same way, too. It has always puzzled me.


50 F
7 hours ago #9232619        

Aaawww! Cutie Pug! I prefer my miniature schnauzers though to pugs; less respiratory issues.

10 hours ago #9232516        

If you want a dog I suggest adopting a mutt.


16 F
11 hours ago #9232500        

WOW,so funny.But in my mind ,China is not this image

11 hours ago #9232497        

@Bloodbender You're mixing up race and species. Neanderthal were a different species. There are races of Homo sapiens, it's just more complex and fuzzy than people typically think (e.g., there's a lot more genetic diversity in all of Africa than in the rest of the world thanks to the founder effect). Both genotype and phenotype play a role in race. Pretending they don't exist has unfortunate implications like ignoring which ones are more susceptible to which diseases. But who falls into what race can change depending on the topic being addressed. The boundaries are more clinal than distinct.

12 hours ago #9232485        

China like pugs? Meh, they're alright I guess. I prefer big dogs though. Sure small dogs are cute, but big dogs are best. Especially those who look more like wolves, such as huskies... I love huskies. So fluffy and awesome, THEY ARE AMAZING! Then again, I am tall so big dogs are better for me because for me small dogs are just too small. I'd be afraid to accidentally step on it. I prefer a dog that can knock me on my ass instead. So I wouldn't call pugs perfect is what I could've said in a much shorter comment... Eh, whatever.

13 hours ago #9232469        

@Niren LØL!
well not to mention churchill car-insurance dog...look it up. its the nodding dog u see on rear car-windows whenever you go to england

i wonder what the yanks were knowen as back then.

so are puggs a cross-breed between chiwawas and bulldogs, or am i missing something here? u know?

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