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Red White and Rainbow stripes

Red White and Rainbow stripes

Marriage equality!! Fuck yes USA!! Congratulations!!

But is in incredibly amusing to me how people on the internet are acting like it happened to the whole world and not just the US, what with various logos changing to rainbow colors and what not.

30th June 2015

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26 minutes ago #9377564        

Let me try and explain how this went down.
For starters it's way more complicated then "The US legalized GM that day". Most of the US already had GM by last week, federation that we are the states have been legalizing them bit by bit for over a decade. What happened last week was the highest law in the land basically made it universal law, which cleaned up the last holdouts and resistance, and made it impossible to challenge legally anymore. So yeah a couple conservative Southern states are flailing around about it but they have no choice anymore.
Some of the Euro countries here are talking about their experience with GM being legalized as quiet and "Oh neat" in lots of states that was the case as well. My state is Connecticut and tbh I missed when we legalized it back in 2008, I wasn't as news crazy as I am now sure but most people aren't. It happened and no one really made a deal about it. Lots of states can say the same. There are parts of the country that are extremely religious and conservative though, in ways that Western Europe finds super alien (don't worry much of the US does as well). The South US culturally is a maybe stuck in a place more similar to Eastern Europe for reference, like Poland, Greece or Turkey. Not as bad as Russia though. For gay people and liberal people in the South and other such states it is a much much bigger deal then it is in Sweden or say Vermont. So there are very different experiences across the US.
Over large space and time.
The big deal about it being made the law of the whole country though, well it comes down to something we call the "culture wars". As Europeans probably are aware there is a large undercurrent of strong right wing social conservatism in the US, much stronger in some regions as I said, but powerful on the national stage unfortunately as well. Or should I say "was". It's still strong, but the infamous side of the US that Brother America embodies here has seen it's heyday pass. It got strong in the 1980's and remained strong into the 00's with W Bush. But there's been a major generational shift going on in the US, and social conservatism is rapidly losing power. Among young Americans both left and right wing it has become a hated grotesque enemy wildly out of touch with us and the modern world we live in. America is secularizing at a rapid pace, and the federal legalization of GM comes as this huge symbol of defeat for the social right. The entire GM debate has come to embody that fight between the old social conservatives and the modern rest of us here, a debate and conflict that doesn't exist on the same scale in most of Western Europe or Canada. That America stereotype of kooky right wing intolerant bible thumpers is very much in massive retreat across the board, the GM victory is a huge victory against them. And it's that much more exciting because of it.


27 M
29 minutes ago #9377563        

@txag70 wait wait wait. Own station? Maybe it's China you think of? Why Russia need own station when there is ISS?

49 minutes ago #9377562        

@heljung: The debate is actually over who is legally allowed to take tax breaks; legal right to determine hospital care for lovers; and mortgage loan acceptance policies; and many other legal rights to shared rights & property traditionally given to families. Many of the 'Marriage Rights' that people in Non-Traditional Marriages are seeking by the Legalization of Non-Traditional Marriages are the Rights many Legal Systems only grant to partners in Traditional Marriages.

4 hours ago #9377547        

@Finlandiako - A number of Americans will say that, but they never act on those statements.

A common statement by the same people during our last two Presidential elections was that they would leave the US if Obama was elected / reelected.

They did not.


5 hours ago #9377541        

@SwedpRezXo1124, the majority of US states DID allow same-sex marriage BEFORE the Supreme Court decision. Fifteen did not.


19 M
6 hours ago #9377540        

@atreju I have seen some of this propaganda. Your government is making the ludicrous assumption that our government has the capacity to do what the propaganda claims it does. Our government is WAY too dysfunctional and incompetent to actually try and take Russia down that way :P


19 M
7 hours ago #9377529        

@Mxyzptlk You have NO IDEA. Between the religious nuts, the Neo-confederates, and the separatists (I live in Texas). The John Birch Society has morphed into the Tea Party. And they are louder and angrier than ever. You heard of Donald Trump? There is a very small but vocal group of people that genuinely want him as our next president.

Well... if I am honest, theres a problem with the International space station right now. We have it already funded to 2024 and are ready for 2028. We are waiting for Russia to fund it through the end of its planned life (2028)... but they've been stalling for a while, and want to build their own space station. This scares me because space seems to be the only places where our two governments can work with each other. We get a new president in 2016. I would highly recommend Putin actually try to work with him (and no, he has not with Obama), for the sake of both of our countries.


27 M
9 hours ago #9377501        

@txag70 Yeah, i first knew about shelters in "Quantum leap" series :P There was an episode that took place in Florida 60s and this Karribean situation . Was pretty disturbing to me, to see a reaction of common americans. P.S. I don't know though what was the reaction of common soviet people about the message of american missiles in Turkey... Glad all that figured out. I hope that current crisis will settle down too (it has to!)
You work in space industry? That's cool, man! You know, i once have found some funny article about some cosmonaut guy, who said that he always wanted to be an office worker :D And he left space program to make a career in office! That's sick! :D

P.P.S. Calling Eisenhower a communist that's something :D I guess there is a bunch of lunatics on both sides :P


32 M
10 hours ago #9377456        

We have a lot of anti-American propaganda currently. The government needs support in these harsh situation the West put us with sanctions and everything, so they speak a lot about how menacing to us US is. Sorry to see it too, since simple folks never clash like our governments do.


30 O
10 hours ago #9377453        

...and here I thought "marriage" was an outdated and theocratic relic that should be removed from all legislature and relegated to the wastebin of history. Oh, well, if you're really that masochistic... why not take it all?

Make marriage for homosexuals only, and let straight people breathe a sigh of relief, finally free from their chains.

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