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Dark Sun

Dark Sun

People rented hotel rooms 16 years in advance to see the total eclipse on the Faroe Islands, so the people who were too slow had to rent rooms with private people, which didn't come cheap. And to top it off, it was overcast on the day of the eclipse.

24th March 2015
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25 F
5 hours ago #9341414        

Wasn't the best spot to see them the Svalbard Islands?

5 hours ago #9341407        

@CakiePie Last friday, but I think it was only in Europe.

and here in Sweden it was too cloudy as well :/


13 F
5 hours ago #9341396        

Wait, there was a total eclipse? When was this?


18 F
7 hours ago #9341356        

We could actually see it through the clouds. And without the clouds we wouldn't have been able to look at it. our courtyard at school was full of people trying to take pictures with their phones =P


7 hours ago #9341352        

But considering the inflation, the people that paid 16 years ago are getting the same service for half the price that if they would have paid for the room a couple of days ago.

7 hours ago #9341351        

I guess you could say they were kind of... Sunblocked ;D.

10 hours ago #9341235        

It was a pretty shit eclipse though :|
no suprises...nothing special

24 hours ago #9341097        

Oh I remember it was sooooooo sunny in Moscow and yet I totally forgot about the eclipse and almost burnt my eyes when my mom called me saying "Hey Kate! Take any sunfilter and go to the roof! The eclipse is amazing!".
...and I had no sunfilter.
Well, at least it was sunny and warm (finally).

1 day ago #9341032        

Meh, it was clear enough right before and after the total eclipse. The darkness was an eerie but nice experience. Cloudy weather is always expected here, and this was no exception.

I just can't help but feel bad for those who wanted to see it, because traveling here costs half a house.

1 day ago #9341026        

I flashed my kilt at this eclipse ... safe to do as no one could see in the darker minutes :D

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