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Only the most necessary


Only the most necessary

I assumed a pool was only for the very wealthy and got confused at all the pictures of swimming pools from America, so my friend who practically grew up in the US and still visits the states every year joked that getting a pool is very high on Americans' list of things they need in their life.

"They make sure they have a house, a bed, food, and then a pool"

21st October 2014


18 F
29 minutes ago #9265159        

In Canada (at least in my province) we just go to the nearest lake.

2 hours ago #9265116        

Its kind of status symbol for your family more so than a necessity. "Ooo! Look! He has a pooooool! Aww. Niiiiiiice."


31 F
3 hours ago #9265094        

@Karen Here's a translation for you: "De maskinpistolene kan dere bare beholde selv." :)

3 hours ago #9265085        



35 F
4 hours ago #9265075        

I live in a fairly hot area (over 100º F—about 38ºC—in the summer) and while the idea of a pool is nice, the use of space and the drowning risk for small children were strong incentives to not get a house with one. But there are some quite nice options for temporary pools; this summer we got a 12-foot pool with an inflatable rim and a filter for about $80, which the kids loved and used almost every day. For some people it's the cost and difficulty of using a public pool (limited hours and need for individual supervision being a big issue), and in some places there's a lack of truly public pools. (The downside of living in a hot region is that all the public pools are outdoors and are shut down at the end of summer.)

But yes, private pools are pretty common in houses down to below the median cost. Take a look at satellite pictures in any hot region and you can see that maybe a third of the houses have a pool, sometimes more.

4 hours ago #9265067        

so its common to have a pool in the U.S but not in spain?

5 hours ago #9265059        

It is true that lots of USA citizens have pools but it depends on where you are. Here in New Mexico we are a desert so even though it would be nice to have a pool, we are always in drought so there is no way we are going to waste all that water putting it into swimming pools!

5 hours ago #9265056        

And then some cool kids find rivers and lakes :D (or quarries, but that's a bit more illegal)

8 hours ago #9265030        

Hey we did that too! It was hella fun. I'm a big water lover, and when my dad finally decided to switch occupations, we moved here near the gulf of mexico.


21 M
11 hours ago #9265007        

Only material people feel that pools are a necessity.

For instance I grew up in a military household the modern military/nomadic lifestyle of picking up and moving on every few years is easy to me and allows me several different perspectives of the world around me.

Pools, sure they are nice but no experience I can't find with a river, ocean, lake, or a public pool.

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