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Have a safe trip home


Have a safe trip home

This was a way to get rid of unwanted guests in Iceland back in the day.

Feed them poisonous shark that hadn't been fermented quite long enough, then send them stumbling in the direction of the nearest lava.

15th October 2014


15 F
46 minutes ago #9263242        

Guess I'll rethink visiting Iceland in the future O.o

2 hours ago #9263240        

Now remember: even the brightest sun has a darker side.

4 hours ago #9263214        

I like Icelands face and acting in panel two:
"Oh dear. Maybe it wasn't fermented enough"


4 hours ago #9263213        

Wow... A bit extrem, wont you think?

7 hours ago #9263179        


Says the American.

7 hours ago #9263174        

Ah dangit! I was there and never tried the fish. Though I must admit that smoked arctic char sent me reeling, not in a stumbly, poisoned way, though.


17 M
7 hours ago #9263173        

I think I like you :)

7 hours ago #9263172        

I have never heard of this. It's most likely an urban legend that originated in other countries.

9 hours ago #9263160        

Thats true. However, danes and swedes are equaly unfortuante in bringing unfortune to people throu geologic phenomonas. ;)


17 M
11 hours ago #9263145        

True, but it is special with a vulcano. :)

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