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The monster lurks in the dark


The monster lurks in the dark

Sweden just had an election, and as it turns out, their "racist party" Sverigedemokraterna gains more and more supporters with each election.

16th September 2014

42 minutes ago #9248403        

Could you do one how Norwegians have a Penguin Named Sir Nils Olav as there Colonel-in-Chief of the Royal Guard. And he's been Knighted.

Or about Canada and ow they over took Vimy Ridge and all the other Countries reactions to it.
Or maybe One where you have Ireland standing around having an argument with itself since it seems Ireland can't get along with itself (let alone any other countries)


3 hours ago #9248380        

@MarcusZMonkey Well, the short form is Western colonialism did much the same thing to China as to India and Africa, and the Chinese appreciate it about as much. Remember the 99 year British "lease" on Honk Kong (the expiration of which I am still a bit surprised Britain honored)? Most people seem to forget about Macau, but it was the same deal, just Portugese. The real tragedy is that before the Brits arrived Chinas bureaucracy was the most efficient and honest the world has ever seen, and had been for a millenium or more—it HAD to be so millions did not starve to death (like during the misnamed Great Leap Forward.) Kids studied for the civil service exam almost from birth, because it was the most respected and lucrative career, so the best and brightest went into an amazing government Confucianism made scrupulously ethical. But getting everyone hooked on opium tends to impair their integrity really fast. :(

The Yangtze River Dolphins extinction has naught to do with the West (except insofar as industrialization was invented here) and everything to do with Chinas nitro-fueled devil-may-care RATE of industrialization, exemplified by the Three Gorges Dam (reports from engineers who built the worlds largest hydroelectric dam are terrifying; I expect a collapse any day now.) The dolphin got in the way, so: No more river dolphin....


3 hours ago #9248379        

@EnglishCheeseMan The American Southwest has plenty of bilingual people who use both languages daily, though many residents who do not speak Spanish deeply resent it, to the point they have long pushed to make English the national language—because the US has NEVER had an official language. The recent cause célèbre has been Spanish-only public schools for immigrants and native children of immigrants who only speak Spanish; you can probably imagine how popular that is with native English taxpayers. Also, there are still plenty of people on the East Coast who speak Yiddish and English fluently and daily, and the Amish and a few other small religious sects speak English and a dialect of German daily.

@CanadianKat The (European) Allied armies took NONE of their other allies seriously in WW I; it was the same deal when Black Jack Pershing demanded combat duties for the American Expeditionary Forces, because the French and British were just using them as garrison troops to hold the trenches while they sent their own veterans to advance because they were convinced US and ANZAC forces could not handle it. Ultimately, they decided to prove their point, well, pointedly, by letting the other commanders send their forces into some of the toughest and most fiercely defended terrain, which is when the Germans gave the US Marine Corp the "devil dog" nickname that has stuck ever since. It worked out OK in the end though; the Argonne Forest fighting was some of the wars most brutal, but US troops (as Canadian and Aussie ones elsewhere) acquitted themselves well, and the victory provided valuable experience with combat and that particular area for Pershings young aide-de-camp: George S. Patton, who commanded the US Third Army in its 72 hour blitz across the area to repulse the Germans breakout attempt in the Battle of the Bulge a generation later.

3 hours ago #9248378        

@ArcticAC WTF AHAHAHA LOOOL! Norway... taking down yankie marines from the age of 5!

ok finland can go suck it for THE NORTH HAS A NEW KING!!!

ps I wanna bakon polse. hay didnt it say the sausage is filled with cheese?

3 hours ago #9248363        

@JOL Ok I dunnow a word of what your telling me in the first paragraph. government stuff tends to confuse me, and i dunnow some of the words.

I still dont know what the extinction of that dolfin has to do with the west.

4 hours ago #9248359        

Do you think you could do one about the vote for Scottish independence? Like with Scotland and England not talking to each other and Denmark, Sweden, and Norway are told what's going on by Australia while America and Canada have to try and get them to talk to each other?

4 hours ago #9248357        

@ArcticACdid you say these limits are set by nato? what o the royal army have to say about this then?

"(oh my god you should see the French, the FFL on ice would beat Disney any day every day)"

what is FFL? when I look it up theres too many different answers. and im guessing the french were clumsy xD

-45 holy f***! Is that even colder than when BareGrylls was in siberia? I saw it on discovery channle in denmark, but I cant find any full episodes of it on the internet. anyway, these were some of the most extreme conditions on the planet. where do u go training exactly? anyway look up bare grylls in siberia. I cant find any full episodes of it. heres a deleted scene btw what did they make you eat in training? worms? slugs?

ag3 is a norwigian variant of the G3 right? I hate how variants like this are difficult fo research sometimes. the AG3 isnt even in here... and this site contains the L1A1, the georgian G5, and loads of forign variants of stuff. how da f*** did I never hear of the AG3?

ax338? why that one? why not any of the other 4 you are about to see?...

Also you wouldnt happen to know why the british did not adopt an L1A1 sniper do you? this is something that's been bugging me for ages.


24 M
4 hours ago #9248356        

I'm afraid i must change some of my earlier statements. No matter if the Sweden Democrats top brass have good points (wich they do) their party IS undoubtably full of racists. Not only racists but they hold the record for the amount of people with a criminal record in a Swedish political party as well (at least last time i checked).

However there is such a thing as giving the devil his due. Jimmie Åkesson is a 100% right in that Sweden cannot maintain her Welfare State and encourage mass immigration at the same time. We have to choose and as for me the first choice is the obvious one. This is not racism. In what way are refugees helped by our strained welfare system if we take in more than we can pay for, anyway? The Sweden Democrats also has a zero tolerance for Racism in their party, by their own admission and well, i'm way more inclined to believe that, than the medias claim of being "unbiased" while relentlessly bullying and persecuting SD. It's actually pretty hilarious. During the EU elections their slogan was "we are 94%" (meaning 94% of all voters had NOT voted for SD). Now they've changed it to "we are 87%". Cracking results guys, really...

Anyhow, it's a bit funny seeing Danes and Norwegians complain that Sweden is so Politically Correct and not Patriotic enough, since they foam at their mouths whenever they hear the Swedish Empire being lauded. Danes, for losing their great power status (and nearly every war) to us in the 17th century (maybe even earlier) and Norwegians, well they usually have sand in their vaginas because they've been other peoples property during most of their countrys (brief) existence. What period in our history do you think Swedish Nationalists praise mmost highly, again?

I dont know, man. It just seems like Sweden is caught between a rock and a hard place, these days. We usually hear the Leftists say stuff like "we have to raise these issues or else SD will make them their own". But this usually amounts to continuing the same mistakes and shaming and browbeating the people who want to do something differently. If there was some party who could reform immigration but had less crazy people, i would be all for it.


4 hours ago #9248338        

@MarcusZMonkey Regarding China, a big part of modern conflicts between it and the West is that Britain and (later) the US and most European powers utterly subjugated the nation for most of the Nineteenth Century. The Opium Wars and Boxer Rebellion were the result, in between which the first major US foray into non-American politics was promoting our notorious "Open Door" policy on China, which basically declared open season on China by asserting every foreign nation had equal right to exploit it free from interference by the rest. China is still understandably cautious of Western nations because of that, as well as eager to reassert itself as a world power in its own right, especially when it comes to hegemonic influence over its immediate neighbors (which runs head first into lingering US and (to a lesser extent) British hegemony.)

The polution is reportedly awful though, as bad as or worse than the worst excesses of US and American proto-industrialization, because Chinas population is several times larger and does not need to discover any new technologies to industrialize, only implement existing ones and the necessary infrastructure. The posterchild for that is the baiji, or Yangtze River Dolphin—or would be had it not gone extinct about a decade ago due to polution, damming and overfishing. According to Reuters, it was the first extinction of an aquatic mammal in 50 years.

The good news for China is that a prefab industrialization blueprint already exists; the bad news is (partly because of its autocratic and corrupt government) that has allowed China to take a LOT of dangerously destructive shortcuts.


4 hours ago #9248330        

@Ferrari27 The clip I saw (not firsthand; I am unsure it is even possible to get Faux "News" here) just had Beck commenting on the shooting being at the annual UAFs summer camp which he said, "sounds like Hitler Youth," without any comment on their SPECIFIC policies or activities apart from simply being leftist. For what it is worth (and solely in my humble immigrant opinion) I feel much European support for Palestine boils down to the Jewish Question living on as vicarious anti-semitism. It is as if Europe feels restoring Israel expunged a millenium of collective guilt for pogroms, Inquisitions, Blood Libel, Pales of Jewish Settlement, Shylocks and, of course, the Holocaust itself—so now they can just go right on hating Jews from a distance.

Whether or not that is the case though, anti-semitic, anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian fervor in Europe is hardly a leftist phenomenon. Just a few weeks ago I read an article (Guardian, I think) about politicians and Jewish groups in France, Germany, Britain and other European countries alarmed at a recent spike in anti-semitic violence, noting it was only partly fueled by Islamic immigrants; that much of it was coming from multi-generation natives. As far as gas chambers, one of the reports from Germany was of a university message board where many people were openly endorsing them, and not anonymously, but with their legal names attached, which the witness observed would have been unthinkable in Germany even a decade or two ago. Perhaps it was selective reporting, but all the instances cited were uniformly RIGHT rather than leftwing groups. If there is a distinction between anti-Israeli and pro-Palestinian politics in Europe, it seems to lie with leftist anti-colonial sentiments and rightwing anti-semitic ones (or, again, such is my subjective impression.)

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