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No pets allowed

No pets allowed

When I heard about the "No guns allowed" signs outside of some stores in the US, this was the first thing I thought of.

In Denmark we just have "no freaking beer allowed when will you fucking learn!?" signs.

28th July 2015

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9 minutes ago #9391601        

In Netherlands we have NO BIKES, NO DOGS, NO SKATES AND NO ICECREAM signs.

54 minutes ago #9391584        

@SeanR Btw, you're using NRA when it should be NFA. The NFA (National Firearms Act) is what requires you to pay that $200 tax stamp and do the paperwork for the BATFE to get your suppressor or SBR or somesuch. The NRA has nothing to do with that process, the $200 goes to the government.


15 M
1 hour ago #9391580        

@BlackAmerica If only i Labeled "Learning about every part of the world other then scandanavia and russia" As important stuff. Seriously we spent a week on australia but they act ike sweden doesn't exist

2 hours ago #9391577        

And for some strange reason, those are the stores that get robbed. It's a total mystery to people who've trained their brains to ignore reality.



99 M
3 hours ago #9391535        

Wait, is Fluffynator really the dog or the gun?

3 hours ago #9391531        

It's a guard dog now!

4 hours ago #9391494        

I love that the dogs name is Fluffynator.

5 hours ago #9391457        

@Unka_Oogie It was only meant as a little joke and please don't call people ignorant, it hurts their feelings.

6 hours ago #9391439        

@brisy33 not really, if we spent time going over Scandinavia we wouldn't have time for important sutff kekekeke

6 hours ago #9391414        

...The dog is so funny!

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