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Always watch your drink


Always watch your drink

To Europeans it seems weird and oddly suspicious at first that some American products boast that they contain real sugar, until we remember that Americans usually use corn syrup.

22nd July 2014

36 minutes ago #9207282        

@ShadowDragon86 - tell me more about these spider monkeys. How well trained are they? How many firearms can each wield reliably? Will I need to pay them, or do they simply have a special diet?

4 hours ago #9207149        

@GMan - it is TECHNICALLY true that the fructose of HFCS is the same as fructose which is distilled from cane sugar, or sugar beets, or any other source of fructose, because a chemical substance that is the same is the same, wherever it's made.

The difference is, though, that because of the *ridiculous*, laughably huge subsidies on corn and the fact that we harvest gajillions of farms of the stuff, there are *massive* gluts of corn available, which get turned into HFCS. And guess what food companies in America learned a long time ago?

People like sweet stuff! No shit, sherlock, but they started cramming more and more into their stuff, first to boost sales, and then to compete when their competitors started doing it to. It goes into freaking EV-ER-RY-THING. Because the American pallete is so accustomed to massive sweetness (courtesy of sweetness- and calorie-rich HFCS,) that anything which is NOT prepared that way tastes bland, unappetizing, and downright freaking miserable to cram into our gobs.

So, HFCS is no worse than regular sugar in the way that a loaded MAC-10 in the hands of a spider monkey is no more dangerous than one sitting on an armory shelf somewhere.


30 M
4 hours ago #9207142        

Screw soda... Hand me another beer!

5 hours ago #9207135        

I always dreamed of an America without corn syrup..


20 M
6 hours ago #9207125        

What bothers me is that people are buying into "Keta Salmon" which is just a relabeling of Chum Salmon from the Pacific... we call it chum for a reason, it's not worth eating.

Apparently Alaska is no longer required to label any of the Arrowtooth Flounder they are shipping out now adays, you don't want that either. Unless it's prepared in an extremely precise way it will basically become gelatinous fish paste that tastes nasty and has a horrific texture.

7 hours ago #9207108        

HFCS in drinks does taste a bit off/nasty compared to cane/beet sugar, and metabolizes a bit differently. But Americans do love their sugar/salt/fat and not much else. I'm one of those anomalies who actually like the flavor of the base content, not all the added salt/sugar/sauces/mystery stuff that slather most proper 'Murican food.


17 M
8 hours ago #9207102        

Sodas with real sugar taste the same,if not better, but are more "filling:" You are less likely to want to drink more.

9 hours ago #9207079        

Secondly, a lot of the restrictions on food going to the EU are completely in bad faith. Basically, they make up bogus health concerns (GMO foods, corn syrup, etc) and use them to help the inefficient and heavily subsidized farms in Europe. It's a classic economic ploy.
Here is a reuters artcle summarizing this.

Also concerns this article:

9 hours ago #9207077        

Ok, seriously, there is literally nothing unhealthy about artificial sweetener. Nothing, here is a link to a video explaining what the scientific research says:
And secondly, Corn Syrup is no more or less healthy than "normal" sugar. It's not good to eat or drink lots of sugar, but the idea that corn sugar is in any way worse is just wrong.
Here is an article, with citations, showing as such.

9 hours ago #9207071        

@Nidhogg - Yes, it's true. Corn syrup is much sweeter than regular sugar, and indeed all corn products in general are cheaper for us to use in food products because the USA supplies around 40% of the world's corn. Corn is big, BIG business over here, we feed everything from livestock to ourselves with it, and agricultural corperations like Monsanto are a formidable powerhouse in our politics. You would be shocked at just what you would find corn products in here. It's cheap filler for all the overprocessed garbage we make.

We're pretty much raised on sugar, especially corn syrup, in general over here. Everything from our bread to even our salad dressings have sugar in it. Mostly because it's an addictive substance that keeps the consumer machine going.

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