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No Problem


No Problem

There's plenty of good things about Christiania, but when it comes to drugs they suffer from a rather bad case of "pretending there is no problem".

It's not unusual for Hells Angels members to beat up people who try to deal in Christiania without their permission, and sometimes it ends in murder.

30th July 2014



15 M

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1 hour ago #9214423        

Jeg så den ikke D:

1 hour ago #9214421        

Nej, slet ikke. @ bruges til at tagge brugernavne, og # bruges til at tagge kommentar-numre. Det er sådan det er.

Det var netop den jeg gav Vexillo et link til.


15 M

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1 hour ago #9214417        

Or just a hippie? or a Medieval times enthusiast xP


19 M
1 hour ago #9214415        

@Cakeofdoom I never thought she's a girl. I mean he :stare:

Maybe he's a metal fan with that hair? :P


15 M

Online Now
1 hour ago #9214411        

What is it with all of you people thinking Christiania was a girl? you people are strange... Would i have looked like a girl to you when i was 10 as well? :stare:

@Finn123 @Vexillo
I think i saw a fancomic of the origins of Christiania, i think it was one made by @EricTheRedAndWhite

3 hours ago #9214345        

Wow, I always thought Christiania was a girl

4 hours ago #9214334        



And, by the way, it's "Hell's Angles". And "hu" is more usually spelled as "huh".

I nitpick to deal with the fear.


4 hours ago #9214318        

Holy cow! A gang empire!

6 hours ago #9214246        

I live in Washington State in the USA. Weed is legal here and so far we're not falling into the ocean. People are still going to work, taking care of their responsibilities, and dealing and violent crime has dropped while revenue for our state has jumped considerably.

Listen to your son, Denmark. Legalize weed so he doesn't HAVE to hang with gang members.

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