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Back to the old


Back to the old

Today is my first day back in Denmark, so this is a little sentimental comic to mark the end of my stay in England.
I was planning on staying there for longer, but life happens. I will be going back a lot though, so it's certainly not goodbye forever.

The little people behind the countries are my housemates. :)

16th April 2014


23 M

Online Now
16 minutes ago #9135192      

dat rainbow colored hair...
I bet they look FABULOUS irl


16 M
57 minutes ago #9135189      

You should do a comic where America's trying to wrangle his states like a father

2 hours ago #9135179      

First time Denmark seemed to be okay with England.

3 hours ago #9135148      

please do a tazmania devil character. pleeeeeeeeeease

3 hours ago #9135145      

So if these are the theoretical sizes of your charicters that would mean that... The United States would be ( give or take) around 9-10 feet tall and (also give or take) weigh about 750-800 pounds.


20 F
4 hours ago #9135132      

Welcome back ^-^

5 hours ago #9135111      

@Awesomeartist the guy with the black hair and england flag in his head, is Matt, David is blond.

5 hours ago #9135107      

Oh look! There's Matt your "britan" roommate! or is it David?
Hmm.............I'm going to double cheap this and you can to! Just go check out Humons home link at the top of the screen and you can check for yourself!
(I was not paid to do this :) )

Edit: oops! I ment "double check" not cheap XP

6 hours ago #9135082      

All of you look just plain ADORABLE <3 <3 welcome back home Humon!

8 hours ago #9135021      

Hahaha, wow, how did I forget that! :P
that guy is an ignorant asshole...

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