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Save the day

Save the day

Scandinavian action heroes tend to not be very...bombastic.

3rd March 2015
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16 minutes ago #9332674        

@GallGaidheal When I saw the title, action heroes, the first movie I thought of was Orions belte (The Belt of Orion, which was set in Svalbard.

I haven't bothered watching the Varg Veum movies, since they're "just crime" and "having someone from Oslo play a Bergenser is just immoral" :)

The one I'm hoping for is an upcoming movie about Tordenskjold:


999 O

Online Now
2 hours ago #9332666        

Odd, Denmark has twice as many guns per peron than Afghanistan, but Sweden have almost three time as many as us

2 hours ago #9332664        

@senia5 im not sure that's true i'm dane aswell. but we sure are rich!


21 M
3 hours ago #9332663        

@senia5 #9332662 You mean per hundred people?

Also, when did Canada get so many guns?


18 F
3 hours ago #9332662        

@Percival #9332280 In Denmark we have 12 guns per person but whatever.


24 F
3 hours ago #9332660        

England is posh as f**k...I like it!!! :D But as for the page update...hmmm...I don't know it's weird. Maybe we just need time... :/


22 M
4 hours ago #9332658        

Ahhhh a website update, what's this?

6 hours ago #9332648        

@FinlandRules Wha?!, gunzerkers make lousy villains.. Although they can make scary as hell henchmen sometimes..

In fact, looking at the comic again, if I was a 1980's american action movie director and these were the guys I had to work with I'd make England the evil mastermind, America the psychotic henchmen, make Norway the lovable familyman that gets killed 20 minutes in to build tension (sorry bro), Sweden the grit who gives his life in order to "end it",and leave Denmark standing in the ashes watching the sunrise wondering if it was all worth it as the credits rolled. Cut, print, cash the check.

8 hours ago #9332643        

Meh, not a fan of the new homepage that doesn't just automatically show the most recent comic.

11 hours ago #9332613        

Sweden: You have annoyed me sufficiently that I have to kill you.
Denmark: Why did you do that? I really did NOT want to kill you, but now I have to kill you. This has ruined my day.
Norway: Gun? Is that the thing at my feet? Can I call my relative up north, he knows firearms very well.

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