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Flag Day Every Day

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Flag Day Every Day

Few countries are as obsessed with their flag as Denmark...

16th December 2014

13 minutes ago #9293281        

I saw the pig and I thought of a child trying to paint the family pet and the red tree just reminded me of Alice painting the white roses that a weird association? o.O


18 F
58 minutes ago #9293279        

@icho Well I know that the cross is supposed to be about Christianity or something like that. I'm not sure how to word it.

1 hour ago #9293278        

@icho My best guess is the red is the blood of those who oppose Danes raising their flag


21 F
1 hour ago #9293276        

Why did the Danish flag become red and white in the first place?

2 hours ago #9293273        

At least he didn't make a nasty sweater out of it. *cough*USA last Winter Olympics*cough*

2 hours ago #9293265        

And now we wait for snow to fall on that tree...


19 M
2 hours ago #9293263        

It is different from the American in the sense that the American flag is perceived as a very patriotic flag, and Americans just really like showing how American they are.
Denmark uses its flag for everything. It is so bad (good?) that many people would sooner connect it with celebration than nationality. This also brings with it that you can't make a Dane uncomfortable or offended with their flag (unless you are doing bad stuff to the flag itself). It is almost politically neutral unless EU is the topic of discussion.

3 hours ago #9293253        

I wonder what other red and white things would have Denmark made.

3 hours ago #9293227        

You know... I thought Nazi Germany would be all for everything being red and white... Since he dresses mainly in red and white XD

5 hours ago #9293146        

God, its so true.

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