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Only the most necessary


Only the most necessary

I assumed a pool was only for the very wealthy and got confused at all the pictures of swimming pools from America, so my friend who practically grew up in the US and still visits the states every year joked that getting a pool is very high on Americans' list of things they need in their life.

"They make sure they have a house, a bed, food, and then a pool"

21st October 2014

19 minutes ago #9264275        

'murican here, don't have a pool. I actually am one of the ones in the South who *doesn't* want a pool because of insurance and liability reasons. Swimming pools are just one more way people can get hurt and you get in trouble.

Also, pools require too much maintenance.

21 minutes ago #9264272        

True-ish. It depends on where you live. Some places we aspire to hot tubs instead ;-)

22 minutes ago #9264271        

It is highly desirable to invest in one if you live in the OH-MY-FUCK-IT'S-HOT South and Southwestern US! Up where I live in the Pacific Northwest around Seattle almost nobody has them or wants them because it rains and is cold and overcast most of the year up here. So they are pretty pointless.

You wanna think about what you need in your life America, how about dealing with that unemployment problem you have?

30 minutes ago #9264266        

In my neighborhood almost no one has their own pool, because the public one is a 5 minute drive away. Plus, their expensive and a pain to maintain and heat. I had to clean my neighbor's pool for them while they were on vacation and I swear it took an hour.


41 F
42 minutes ago #9264263        

The number one on my list is to NOT have waring hordes marauding down the street i live in ...
I definitly need that.

1 hour ago #9264248        

I would say that this is false. I would say that fewer than 1/1000 Americans have a pool or would even want one, in large part because they are a huge pain in the ass to maintain and are extremely expensive. Something that would be more correct would be an expensive car or vacations/cruises on holidays.

1 hour ago #9264247        

Pools are serious business here though

This is not a joking matter

2 hours ago #9264225        

cool bone shaped pool, though

2 hours ago #9264221        

Fun thing, as an American, more specifically a Californian, I favor having a decent bathtub over a pool. Still don't have one, as I'm still in college. But eventually I want a large soaker/jacuzzi tub before I ever consider a pool.

2 hours ago #9264215        

I'd like to point out that most of the U.S population Is in a temperature zone that goes much higher than Denmark, and Our 'pools' can get rather cheap: There are inflatable options that are as low as 250 Krone, though one you can 'swim' in is usually more along the lines of 520.

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