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Brain Escape


Brain Escape

Greece is suffering from all it's well educated people leaving to find jobs in other EU countries.

28th January 2015

3 minutes ago #9316540        

@Morbid yes you are right


19 M
6 minutes ago #9316539        

@Tressa Aint nobody got time for that!

39 minutes ago #9316527        

I believe that being hard on the people is not fare...

1 hour ago #9316502        

@Tressa Because "Almighty America" isn't part of the EU... duh.

1 hour ago #9316495        

The Brain Drain is real. Even in my country, where domestic workers are a prime commodities, scientists, doctors, teachers, even the weather people go around the world because it is hard to make a living here.

2 hours ago #9316494        

I would say the situation is exactly the same in the whole region (saying that as a ''evacuated'' Bulgarian engineer in Sweden)
In my Swedish class, out of 11 people there are 2 from Greece and 1 from Cyprus - all of them newly graduated doctors.


22 M
3 hours ago #9316472        

Though things might look bleak now, know that there is a lot of time for improvement. As noted in a previous entry, DK actually had a foreign debt of just under 96 billion euros back in 1990 (roughly 80% of our BNP at the time), but through more controlled budgets and using the good years leading up to 08 to pay off on that debt, we managed to have a foreign surplus of 97 billion euros in 2013, so there is still hope for Greece yet.


3 hours ago #9316459        

Well i wish what you say about people not blaming the greek people to be true but if you search around the Internet you will see many people blaming the people calling us lazy uneducated people.
As a 14 year old greek girl I may tell you actually no many kids here learn English and after school most go to English course, actually most Greeks are really stuck with the Internet and computers so know a lot ( well I'm one of those people) people that were born in 1965 and up most of them have learned English or French. Most greeks have finished school only old people hadn't as it was Second World War and we were in a terrible situation then. Most of the Greek people really know English,finish school and know how to use computers but indeed there are some Greeks that don't know English and may have stopped school from 15 ( which is the legal age here for someone to leave school) to be honest with you I really never believe mass media I only believe people from those countries about what's the situations on their countries.

Ah I wish I could be born Northern European like you than a Greek here it's a big drama really.


35 F
4 hours ago #9316438        

we need our money for out own economy. why don't almighty and wealthy America pay off Greece's debts and start support them? why do we have to do it?

4 hours ago #9316431        

At first I thought the brain leaving Greece was a commentary on their recent election results, clearly a negative take on them to say the least!

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