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Snoopy Russia


Snoopy Russia

Russia has been acting rather pushy towards the Scandinavians lately.

Sweden noticed suspicious submarine activity along it's east coast (the Russians have a history of occasionally snooping around in Swedish waters) and Denmark had to send out fighter aircrafts to chase away Russian planes from Danish airspace.

No one is actually fearing an attack at this point though. It just feels like Russia is showing off.

18th November 2014


38 M
1 hour ago #9275899        

So what you are saying is that basicly Putin is orchestrating a cold war to keep support in his back yard.

Sounds like something I've read before in the history books.


18 F
1 hour ago #9275894        

@BrotherEquestria I was never calling into question the strength of America's military. I was just saying that Scandinavia could put up a good fight even without help.


22 M
1 hour ago #9275893        

Cause of all this people are starting to really like Putin.
Before if you ask averege russian on the street he would say "I don't like Putin. He is bad. But all other candidates are far worse". Now it gonna be something like "Yes Putin is our national leader! He stands for interests of Russian state!" People were tired of Russia being a yesman to West. Plus we politics of EU and US made a mistake. When you threaten russian people( and sanctions are a clear threat) we have a national pride and protection effect. Basically russian people give Putin a carte-blanche for any actions he feels needed to protect our sovereignty even the most unpopular ones, like hard economic and political reformes wich now takes speed in Russia.

Dayli show. Sometimes i watch it. 6.50 btw Putin was in Germany when berlin wall fell. He was commanding garnison of KGB facility near the wall.


22 M
2 hours ago #9275888        

No. Loki is a looser. Russia is a winner))))

Наши снова 20 ящиков водки забыли в подвале дома XD


22 M
2 hours ago #9275886        

what makes most fun.
USA and EU keep buying obligations of Gasprom.....

2 hours ago #9275884        

Haha I wonder what it's like to have Russian warships in our sovereign waters.... Oh right, I forgot we have a dipshit Prime Minister who makes threats of physical violence against foreign leaders who have been invited to our country....

2 hours ago #9275881        

Nope, she has appeared two times before:

2 hours ago #9275872        

@Auroro She was in one of the Eurovision comics previously :D

2 hours ago #9275871        

I think it is the first time we seen Sister Russia.


34 M
3 hours ago #9275859        

A brief warm-up before inva... sorry, liberating Latvia?

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