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Sick Finland

Sick Finland

A stupid little comic inspired by a comment saying that Finland had to be sick if he was freezing that much in this picture

As I’ve mentions quite a few times, I used to work at a hospital, and the doctors often said that the best way to check for a fever was with a anus-thermometer. So Sweden wasn’t just out to mess with Denmark when he said that. :XD:

13th May 2010
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14 days ago #9325810        

Finland is slowly starting to become one of my favorites.


16 F
23 days ago #9322241        

*weak protest*.....*WEAK PROTEST*.....*WEAK PROTEST!!!*

3 months ago #9283032        

I love Denmark's reaction.

@sneachda I'm pretty sure it is the first time Finland is without the knife.


17 F
4 months ago #9267621        

Is this the first time we can see Finland without his knife? :D


20 F
5 months ago #9248341        

Oh poor Finland! He looks so damn cute~

7 months ago #9215761        

*weak protest* :D

9 months ago #9164869        

I Agree with MissCake, I love Sweden taking care of Finland. *weak protest*


22 F
10 months ago #9157295        

I want more "sweden takes care of finland" comics <3 love them! :D

11 months ago #9121817        

*weak protest!*


18 F
12 months ago #9116246        

Aww. Finland, stop struggling.

Denmark, trust Sweden on this. :))

Sweden can be very nice. :>

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