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Sick Finland

Sick Finland

A stupid little comic inspired by a comment saying that Finland had to be sick if he was freezing that much in this picture

As I’ve mentions quite a few times, I used to work at a hospital, and the doctors often said that the best way to check for a fever was with a anus-thermometer. So Sweden wasn’t just out to mess with Denmark when he said that. :XD:

14th May 2010

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15 days ago #9385317        


I see SuFin written all over this.


20 M
28 days ago #9379100        



14 F
1 month ago #9373794        

Just finishes reading SuFin fanfiction reads this.

2 months ago #9369009        

My mother always checks our temperatures from our armpits... It's so confusing to me when they use mouth-thermometer in the movies.


4 months ago #9345977        

Also animate this one it would be so cute.<3<3

4 months ago #9345055        

Finland is probably just hungover.... He did go drinking in the forest.XD

5 months ago #9336583        

@MissCake @MsOxienstierna Yes, me too! Want more! They are so cute.

5 months ago #9335708        

And this is where my love for SuFin runs up to me and enters my brain.

6 months ago #9325810        

Finland is slowly starting to become one of my favorites.


16 F
6 months ago #9322241        

*weak protest*.....*WEAK PROTEST*.....*WEAK PROTEST!!!*

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