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Studio Killers

Studio Killers

I admit it. There is no joke. I just wanted to dress them up.

Studio Killers is an animated band with a Dane, a Brit, and a Finn behind it, but they prefer to stay relatively anonymous and not be confused with the characters, so while the Finn sings, I decided to just dress them up as whoever fits them best.

Yes, that is indeed Brother Denmark as Cherry because her singer is a man.


16th January 2013

Tagged in Denamrk Finland England

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666 F
3 days ago #9389209        

Okay, so Cherry's singing voice is male. I can get behind that but in that case, who is making her voice in the videos where she's just talking? Like in the ''Cute shoes'' and ''Outfit of the week'' videos? Because i'm pretty sure that voice is female

6 days ago #9387418        




8 days ago #9386445        

Okay, so new music addiction. Thanks. xD


15 F
2 months ago #9367056        

Does it fit...

*few seconds later*



5 months ago #9325477        

as a fan of studio killers.... this is my new wallpaper.... on everything O_O


18 M
6 months ago #9310890        

@6ArTrA6 i know right????? bouncer bouncer!


15 F
7 months ago #9302736        

What did I just see?


24 F
7 months ago #9301490        

You should make a comic with "Ylvis and What does the fox say?". They're Norwegian so it would be great!!! :) (It just crossed my mind because of Englands tail.) :D

8 months ago #9287180        

Ah, shit. The one thing we make and not steal from England, England steals from us.

Guess we had it coming to us. Welcome to the Furry Fandom.

8 months ago #9281718        

Yeah! Studio killers! I absolutely adore them!

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