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Studio Killers

Northern Lights Poster

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Studio Killers

I admit it. There is no joke. I just wanted to dress them up.

Studio Killers is an animated band with a Dane, a Brit, and a Finn behind it, but they prefer to stay relatively anonymous and not be confused with the characters, so while the Finn sings, I decided to just dress them up as whoever fits them best.

Yes, that is indeed Brother Denmark as Cherry because her singer is a man.


16th January 2013

13 days ago #9325477        

as a fan of studio killers.... this is my new wallpaper.... on everything O_O


18 M
1 month ago #9310890        

@6ArTrA6 i know right????? bouncer bouncer!


15 F
2 months ago #9302736        

What did I just see?


24 F
2 months ago #9301490        

You should make a comic with "Ylvis and What does the fox say?". They're Norwegian so it would be great!!! :) (It just crossed my mind because of Englands tail.) :D

3 months ago #9287180        

Ah, shit. The one thing we make and not steal from England, England steals from us.

Guess we had it coming to us. Welcome to the Furry Fandom.

3 months ago #9281718        

Yeah! Studio killers! I absolutely adore them!


17 F
3 months ago #9278832        

Actually the singer of Studio Killers is a Finnish guy called Teemu Brunila. He is known from the band called Crash.

6 months ago #9226799        

these vedioes are all just wired. seriously, i CAN hear that its a lad singing. kind of like a danish mikal jackson.
just hope ffs that this one doesn't die on a toilet!

10 months ago #9150376        

want the sunglasses, foxtail and fin's hat!

10 months ago #9147518        

@marrow... that's what I meant...
It's just a lot skinny singer around the American music industry

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