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Studio Killers

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Studio Killers

I admit it. There is no joke. I just wanted to dress them up.

Studio Killers is an animated band with a Dane, a Brit, and a Finn behind it, but they prefer to stay relatively anonymous and not be confused with the characters, so while the Finn sings, I decided to just dress them up as whoever fits them best.

Yes, that is indeed Brother Denmark as Cherry because her singer is a man.


16th January 2013

12 days ago #9287180        

Ah, shit. The one thing we make and not steal from England, England steals from us.

Guess we had it coming to us. Welcome to the Furry Fandom.

19 days ago #9281718        

Yeah! Studio killers! I absolutely adore them!


17 F
24 days ago #9278832        

Actually the singer of Studio Killers is a Finnish guy called Teemu Brunila. He is known from the band called Crash.

4 months ago #9226799        

these vedioes are all just wired. seriously, i CAN hear that its a lad singing. kind of like a danish mikal jackson.
just hope ffs that this one doesn't die on a toilet!

7 months ago #9150376        

want the sunglasses, foxtail and fin's hat!

8 months ago #9147518        

@marrow... that's what I meant...
It's just a lot skinny singer around the American music industry

8 months ago #9141968        

finnish music does well in america. @darlek, the music should matter more, not how the musician looks.

9 months ago #9129217        

Interesting concept, like it... just the girl is a little bit chubby, don't take me wrong, but is it not that the concept of a skinny girl is more acceptable? or is it only for Europeans?

9 months ago #9119876        

Stylish, eccentric, random , anonymous, random, majestic
Yep, you have defiantly created what seems like some sort of modern art music movement! XD

10 months ago #9099637        

0_0 I want Finlands hat...

Also thank you for posting about the music you listen to!! I'm getting bored with American music so I love hearing something new <3
*Well even if its old to you its new to me*

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