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Taking Over

Taking Over

Stupid small classy and big pink birds taking over USA.

You'll need a good memory to understand this one. ;)

1st May 2013

Tagged in America

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3 days ago #9377196        

I wish this was a tee shirt.

19 days ago #9370277        

@aleutious @whale21 my bet is on Texas for last

3 months ago #9340393        

Gaydar tracks both homosexuality and bisexuality. The problem is, my passive gaydar sucks.

My active gaydar is generally spot-on, though.


21 M
4 months ago #9339413        

@ShylokVakarian (Get a shorter name damnit!) Gaydar would probably mistake a bisexual for gay on the simple grounds that we are equally attracted to men and women.


4 months ago #9338994        

The gay part isn't really my problem, but nice to know that you're just playing in-character.
Also, like hell you're bisexual. Then again, maybe my passive gaydar is acting up again.


21 M
4 months ago #9338658        

@ShylokVakarian - Again, just playing the character... (Is bisexual)

4 months ago #9332563        

*Pumps shotgun* ...Perkele.


21 M
4 months ago #9328303        

BWAHAHAAA! -crushes the gay eggs-

5 months ago #9326955        


5 months ago #9326533        

@whale21 Ha! They would be the first to come to mind. Thing is, at least there's people there to demand change. I can see maybe North Dakota being the last one just because there isn't as much of a movement on ether side there. Who knows though, Supreme Court might make it the law of the land this year so then we'll never know.

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