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Taking Over


Taking Over

Stupid small classy and big pink birds taking over USA.

You'll need a good memory to understand this one. ;)

1st May 2013


14 M
24 days ago #9267899        


1 month ago #9263144        

This is from the comic "Gay eggs", you're welcome.

1 month ago #9261329        

I was not consulted about this conquering

1 month ago #9260599        

I dont get it, captain, i need you!

2 months ago #9250726        

@MarcuzZMonkey. Who's Gay? I am.... since u asked....

7 months ago #9150528        

But where are the eggs?


16 M
7 months ago #9147196        

Oh yes we need a moggy and a gaint laser.

7 months ago #9136574        


8 months ago #9125620        

@dracuella fluffy cat like u see on bond films

8 months ago #9124326        

@MarcusZMonkey what in blazes is a moggy?!?

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