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Iceland collects penises

Ever since I started making this comic people have asked me if I was going to draw something with the phallus museum. I didn’t know what to do with it, until it was suggested that it had something to do with Iceland’s small...population.

So I swear, I’m not out to get the Icelanders. :XD:

19th August 2010

Tagged in Iceland Sweden Denmark Halloween Norway

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19 days ago #9346556        

Interesting that if you try to go the website you've linked... turns out that NZ has been blacklisted and can't access it. DENIED!
Fine, guess I'll go hang out with Wales.


13 F
1 month ago #9340044

2 months ago #9334740        

@star3catcher apparently, yeah.....

2 months ago #9331619        

@TheRandomSpectator Apparently quite a few people given that it's quite popular.


2 months ago #9328463        

Poor Denmark, it's so adorable the way he hides behind Norway!

2 months ago #9327141        

@siggitiggibe WHAT KIND OF A FREAKING TOURIST ATTRACTION IS THAT??? A phallus museum is one of the worst ideas I can think of! WHO REALLY WANTS TO GO STARE AT A BUNCH OF ANIMAL DICKS IN GLASS CASSES????


21 M
2 months ago #9324591        

Iceland, you need to visit the American South. Lotta people there could do with some good 'ole fashion steralizin'.

3 months ago #9320120        

that was happing when you give independence to iceland

4 months ago #9296820        

The Phallus museum is quite interesting. It's not compensatory issues, more of a tourist attraction :D.

5 months ago #9279313        

Maybe Iceland should go on vacation for a few weeks?

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