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The Collection


The Collection

Iceland collects penises

Ever since I started making this comic people have asked me if I was going to draw something with the phallus museum. I didn’t know what to do with it, until it was suggested that it had something to do with Iceland’s small...population.

So I swear, I’m not out to get the Icelanders. :XD:

18th August 2010


27 M
6 months ago #9163197        

I don't know if I should be frightened or fascinated.... At last this is unique.

7 months ago #9143818        

I've been to the penis museum. Iceland needs to get out more.

7 months ago #9134575        

Not a great way to 'break the ICE' * ba dum tss*

8 months ago #9123144        

Well at least Iceland has a hobby :D
But it really didn't have to*trembles*


13 F
8 months ago #9109482        

this is really disturbing to find.

8 months ago #9109176        

WTF!!!!! DX S4L!!!!!!!!

9 months ago #9106024        

You had to say it didn't you Sweeden, didn't you.

9 months ago #9098636        

lol Norway what are you thinking XD
*Clicks on web*

10 months ago #9073383        

i have been there, quiet nice, but most of them are in jars

10 months ago #9067544        

a bit shocking Ice.... a very great bit

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