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The law is the law

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The law is the law

Apparently there is an old forgotten Danish law that nobody cared to remove, that says that if the Öresund sea freeze, and a Swede walks over to Denmark, Danes are allowed to hit him with sticks. The law doesn’t mention Norwegians, so they are free to visit.

Obviously the law if from back when Sweden and Denmark were constantly at war. :XD:

And Denmark and Sweden are friends now, so after getting this out of the way, Denmark invited Sweden for hot coco as well. :)

14th March 2010

3 days ago #9290666        

There's a similar law in England,where it's said that an Englishman is allowed to shoot a Welshman with a crossbow, as long as it's in a walled city (i.e. York) within the city walls. Now THAT'S a comic I'd like to see!

18 days ago #9281170        


Has it been repealed I wonder...

20 days ago #9279956        

Well, if the sea ever freezes, and I see a swede crossing it, I'll immediately find a stick and follow the law!!!>: D
Best law ever made!:XD:

26 days ago #9276861        

lol bad SwedenxD


17 F
2 months ago #9267000        

"and a Swede walks over to Denmark, Danes are allowed to hit him with sticks. The law doesn’t mention Norwegians, so they are free to visit."
What a law.. o_O

7 months ago #9154337        

*tut *tut*
Stid Sweden everybody knows your meant to use the bridge...
Oh and by the wayDenmark isn't going to give you any of his cheap beer

8 months ago #9130469        

haaaah payback for all them slaps :D

9 months ago #9113932        

@Roar I just meant that they're all like "Ooh, the sea froze! How abnormal!" Well, at least Sweden. It IS a bit warmer there, but at least here the sea freezes properly like every winter... Except this one. This is the warmest winter there has been for a while... Then again, even if the sea does freeze, the icebreakers are going to break it anyway.

...but I guess it's rather abnormal for the sea to freeze over so well that you could walk from Norway to Denmark.

I'll just stop rambling because I don't know anything about anything and I'll just say something incredibly stupid. Probably have already. What if somebody just told me how it really is because I'm too lazy to look anything up?


18 M
9 months ago #9113571        

@Bookworm13 It's because the swedish army was able to invade Denmark across the ice once, and since that was obviously a bad thing Denmark decided to make a law that permitted beating up ice-crossing swedes.

9 months ago #9106577        

Seriously? The sea freezing over is somehow special?
Of course, whit all the ships 'n stuff there it won't freeze so easily, but... seriously?

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