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The law is the law

The law is the law

Apparently there is an old forgotten Danish law that nobody cared to remove, that says that if the Öresund sea freeze, and a Swede walks over to Denmark, Danes are allowed to hit him with sticks. The law doesn’t mention Norwegians, so they are free to visit.

Obviously the law if from back when Sweden and Denmark were constantly at war. :XD:

And Denmark and Sweden are friends now, so after getting this out of the way, Denmark invited Sweden for hot coco as well. :)

15th March 2010
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20 days ago #9335287        

Note to self: Do NOT cross the Öresund if a Dane with a stick is watching... Those are very common these days.


21 M
1 month ago #9327964        


1 month ago #9325806        

Omfg. *laughing*

2 months ago #9318649        

In Sweden we still read about the march across the belts (tåget över Bält).


3 months ago #9293667        

I actually think a swedish king attacked Denmark this way, which is probably the reason that law exists.

4 months ago #9290666        

There's a similar law in England,where it's said that an Englishman is allowed to shoot a Welshman with a crossbow, as long as it's in a walled city (i.e. York) within the city walls. Now THAT'S a comic I'd like to see!

4 months ago #9281170        


Has it been repealed I wonder...

4 months ago #9279956        

Well, if the sea ever freezes, and I see a swede crossing it, I'll immediately find a stick and follow the law!!!>: D
Best law ever made!:XD:

4 months ago #9276861        

lol bad SwedenxD

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