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The End of America

The End of America

Inspired by some of the responses I got to this journal

I couldn’t help but smile while reading them. :)

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23rd March 2010
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8 years ago #9495758        

I find this to be a depressingly realistic view here in America... I apologize on behalf of my county.

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5 years ago #9791062        

Do you mean the freedom for people to call Uber instead of an ambulance because they can't afford it? The freedom for the elderly be unable to retire because they got injured and lost much of their retirement savings? Or the freedom for pregnant women to die from an infection they contracted from an illegal abortion that they got because abortions are illegal, so that while they die, they can say "Well, at least this is better than communism"?

9 years ago #9387966        

The only good thing about our current healthcare system is the fact that they can't turn you away for pre-existing conditions. Some people are lucky enough to get cheap healthcare rates even though the care is extremely, extremely basic. Others who might make the same wages as those people are denied the cheap healthcare while others get the most ridiculous payment plans imaginable. They wanted me to pay $368 a month just for myself when I was making only $600 at the time. We just need a super upheaval type of reform. Of everything.


8 years ago #9400735        

But... But... Universal healthcare is for commies something something Jesus and the constitution!

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7 years ago #9646016        

And now he's getting it abolished again.
Good job, America. Good job. /sarcasm


3 years ago #9844274        

Reminds me how i once met a crazy right-winger who insisted that "really" anarchism was right-wing and fascism was left-wing somehow.

The latter delusion i've seen before, but not a right-winger who appears to like anarchism.

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9 years ago #9384883        

Isn't it strange that any reform in the US that even slightly indicates a social reform towards more equality is instantly torpedoed by the republicans right wing.
And these 'extremists' use almost exactly the same words for the last 60 years for that purpose (ie that's communism/socialism, better dead than red, only a dead commie is a good commie, yada-yada-yada...)
And if a US president forces it through somehow the reps try to so thoroughly veto, maul, pulp, and grind it down in Congress that even the best laid plans are turned into an unrecognizable mass of a slushy goo that nothing of its original intentions are left and only the worst parts remain.

And then, only a few months after having torpedoed such a plan these same Reps then go out, single out one or two incidents where something is now a LOT worse than before, and snidely report through their privately owned news networks that 'Obamacare/whatever-other-plan-was-torpedoed made 'EVERYTHING' a lot worse. And then have the audacity to pin the failure of the new system on the originator of the plan.
Nice work. Great system.
How do you ever believe that people will come to trust each other if the head honchos demonstrate the exact opposite of trustworthyness?

BTW: it's not much better in Germany, but at least we got the chance of voting for other parties or even founding our own local parties, AND see them represented at least on a local community level.

6 years ago #9753203        

One of us
one of us

6 years ago #9745229        

Come on America. Just accept it...Become one with the universal healthcare~~

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6 years ago #9698999        


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