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The Scariest Ghost Ever


The Scariest Ghost Ever

Greenland showing off his ghost-taming skillz.

The belief in spirits is very much alive in Greenland. If people move into a new house or an office, it’s not unusual to have a shaman come and chase old ghosts and what not out.

It’s a rather sad stereotype in Denmark that Greenlanders are alcoholics, mainly because we usually choose to ignore that the alcohol problem was our fault. We introduced it into a culture that had never had it before and then just let it run wild.

Yes, I’m throwing these comics after you now because I have 10 of them just lying around waiting to get posted. :XD:

8th August 2010

1 month ago #9295281        

Of course Finland would be stabbing the Beer Ghost.

3 months ago #9270166        

The beer monster is my favourite character! :D


19 F
3 months ago #9267124        

hahaha this one is priceless. i love how finland is stabbing it while demark just faints

7 months ago #9189874        

@Satu Like anyone would ever believe there was no beer in Germany!


27 M
8 months ago #9163168        

What a terrifying ghost.... *makes a cross sign* Stay where you are, there is no beer in Germany!

8 months ago #9158703        

Fun fact: The proper (Greenlandic) name for Greenland is Kalaallit Nunaat.

8 months ago #9155062        

There's NO escape!!
BWA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!

10 months ago #9132122        

No one can drink fast enough to escape the Beer Ghost!

10 months ago #9121639        

God dammit Beer GHOST!!
Oh crap!.... *BUH*! Oh no I've angered it* BUUUH*! Ahhhh!!!!!!!
*BUH*!!!!!! *trembles* *BUH*!!! *BUH*!!!!!!*BUUUUHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The power of Coffee compels you!!!!!!! Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*BUH*!!!!!!!! *BUH*!!!!!!
HOW DARE YOU DESECRATE THE HOUSE OF GOD!!!!! *BUH*!! *buh* *buuuuuuuuuuh* *sleepy Buh*
A bliss ;)

10 months ago #9121353        

This is the only comment where Greenland actually smiles(even if he's eatting)

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