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The Scariest Ghost Ever


The Scariest Ghost Ever

Greenland showing off his ghost-taming skillz.

The belief in spirits is very much alive in Greenland. If people move into a new house or an office, it’s not unusual to have a shaman come and chase old ghosts and what not out.

It’s a rather sad stereotype in Denmark that Greenlanders are alcoholics, mainly because we usually choose to ignore that the alcohol problem was our fault. We introduced it into a culture that had never had it before and then just let it run wild.

Yes, I’m throwing these comics after you now because I have 10 of them just lying around waiting to get posted. :XD:

8th August 2010

8 days ago #9132122      

No one can drink fast enough to escape the Beer Ghost!

23 days ago #9121639      

God dammit Beer GHOST!!
Oh crap!.... *BUH*! Oh no I've angered it* BUUUH*! Ahhhh!!!!!!!
*BUH*!!!!!! *trembles* *BUH*!!! *BUH*!!!!!!*BUUUUHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The power of Coffee compels you!!!!!!! Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*BUH*!!!!!!!! *BUH*!!!!!!
HOW DARE YOU DESECRATE THE HOUSE OF GOD!!!!! *BUH*!! *buh* *buuuuuuuuuuh* *sleepy Buh*
A bliss ;)

24 days ago #9121353      

This is the only comment where Greenland actually smiles(even if he's eatting)


17 F
1 month ago #9105276      

After a long, depressing week, the facial expressions in this always cheer me up XD

2 months ago #9102620      

Denmark's sad face 0-0

2 months ago #9098625      

*Glug* *Glug* *Glug* NO ONE CAN STOP BEER GHOST!!!!

2 months ago #9096256      

cutest ghost ever!
I want one.
Here little ghost. I will buy you beer...

2 months ago #9092376      

Actually, the US introduced alcohol during WW2, when Denmark was invaded and subsequently asked the US to act as caretakers for Greenland. Denmark had kept Greenland "pure" with the best of intentions, so Greenland was very unprepared for the sudden introduction of alcohol and tobacco. After the war, Greenland wouldn't accept being deprived of those goods. Alcoholism and suicide rates pretty much exploded.

While Denmark has a lot to answer for vis a vis their relationship with Greenland, they aren't to blame for the whole booze thing.


100 M
2 months ago #9087078      

@CanadaHaz so they are semi-giant?

2 months ago #9086805      

@aman3003 it's. A seal burger.

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