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Trash Robber

Trash Robber

Based on Sweden's need for trash

Stupid Fox of course belongs to

25th January 2013

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17 days ago #9383728        

Foxes carry rabies in USA.


20 M
27 days ago #9377966        

@billy Not easy being a recycler.


14 M
28 days ago #9377306        

dam swedes comming over her and stealing my trash


15 F
2 months ago #9367054        

Norway's initial reaction


4 months ago #9345094        

sweden was not prepared to find the fox too.

4 months ago #9343816        

XD poor Norway XD

5 months ago #9330293        

Norway was not prepared for that plot twist.

5 months ago #9329359        

Norway's face


48 M
7 months ago #9300244        

The U.S. IS solving this problem, to an extent. There are waste-to-energy facilities being built all over the country. I knew about this back in '94, because I was welding together giant "fluidized-bed reactors", which is a fancy way of saying "giant-trash-burning-steam-plants".

They're running steam-driven electric power plants all over the U.S., including one here in Huntsville, AL where I live now. And there will only be more of them in the future because they do the job quite well. ;)


18 M
10 months ago #9252329        

@Martin-96 we should all do smth like that! all the countries!
@lfp6 tottaly agree

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