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Trash Robber


Trash Robber

Based on Sweden's need for trash

Stupid Fox of course belongs to

25th January 2013

8 days ago #9129236      

smart Sweden ;)

1 month ago #9110243      

Norway shood do somthing like that!
Maby collect some electronic waste and get the cobber, silver and gold out of it, like UK.

2 months ago #9098811      

Good point.

2 months ago #9098195      

@Bloodblender well, if that helps, Portugal did it quite sucefully, and in the past we also had Uruguay and French Guiana. wich togheter is more than Acre that we got soon after

2 months ago #9097634      

Whole Brazil? If so, it is no wonder they failed. It is quite a large area to keep in line, especialy if the population feel that a revolusion would be a good idea.

2 months ago #9096976      

@Bloodblender well, indeed i don't know much either. I know that and some litle other things like. they tried to colonize brazil but didn't worked

2 months ago #9096238      

That is definately one posibility. To be hornest, I dont know much about the Netherlands, even tho I would like to.

2 months ago #9095782      

@Bloodblender I don't know... maybe because they are soo liberal that they aren't arested for things people are arrested outside.

2 months ago #9093958      


It realy is. Do you know the reason for this great drop in crime?

2 months ago #9092749      

@Bloodblender it looks like yes... isn't it amazing?

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