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Unfair Advantage

Unfair Advantage

Let’s see who will be the last to sit in a chair now, biatches!!!

Heh, this was a commission by the gentleman in the wheelchair who wanted a SatW comic about his mad unbeatable musical chairs skillz. :D

And you better like it, Jacob! Drawing your wheelchair almost killed me! :XD:

15th July 2010

Tagged in Sweden Denmark Norway

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1 month ago #9360255        

Last panel is PRICELESS!!

2 months ago #9355802        



2 months ago #9355507        


2 months ago #9350777        

I was laughing hard at the end.


3 months ago #9341469        

@Netherlands- I think it would be funnier if instead of mines, you used mimes.

3 months ago #9340110        

@TheRandomSpectator shhhh

4 months ago #9334744        

@Netherlands Well......yeah...... It was your idea.....

4 months ago #9332175        

Plot twist: Jacob's chair gets removed. :P

4 months ago #9331532        

@TheRandomSpectator Russian roulete musical chairs. I like it. I like it, A LOT

4 months ago #9328598        

But then Wales joins the game, submitting the Doctor as his stand in, and with all the wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey--stuff--nobody ends up winning! Especially if you keep @Netherlands idea of Russian-Roulette-musical-chairs!

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