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Unfair Advantage

Unfair Advantage

Let’s see who will be the last to sit in a chair now, biatches!!!

Heh, this was a commission by the gentleman in the wheelchair who wanted a SatW comic about his mad unbeatable musical chairs skillz. :D

And you better like it, Jacob! Drawing your wheelchair almost killed me! :XD:

14th July 2010
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7 days ago #9328598        

But then Wales joins the game, submitting the Doctor as his stand in, and with all the wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey--stuff--nobody ends up winning! Especially if you keep @Netherlands idea of Russian-Roulette-musical-chairs!


20 M
14 days ago #9325549        

Play smarter, not harder


21 M
17 days ago #9324533        

I'm fairly certain that the idea Netherlands had below would be called "Musical Roulette"

3 months ago #9292872        

IT'S NOT CALLED MUSICAL CHAIRS, IT'S CALLED "The whole ocean is storming"!!!!

4 months ago #9273918        

I have an idea! We'll do musical chairs, with engouh chairs for everyone, but all the chairs have mines in it! Only one mne is activaded, however, and the person how sits on that chair, dies.

5 months ago #9250469        


6 months ago #9243876        


9 months ago #9158680        

Somebody compliment the wheelchair drawing. All right, I'll do it! Cool wheelchair drawing, Humon! (I can't even draw REGULAR chairs...)

11 months ago #9137036        


12 months ago #9109423        

We played that game at an intern party at work!
Don't think I've done it since birthday parties as a child - and that's even the theme of our next intern party, so maybe! ;)
I'm so small, so I get bumped out though :cc

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