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Unfair Advantage


Unfair Advantage

Let’s see who will be the last to sit in a chair now, biatches!!!

Heh, this was a commission by the gentleman in the wheelchair who wanted a SatW comic about his mad unbeatable musical chairs skillz. :D

And you better like it, Jacob! Drawing your wheelchair almost killed me! :XD:

14th July 2010

4 days ago #9137036      


1 month ago #9109423      

We played that game at an intern party at work!
Don't think I've done it since birthday parties as a child - and that's even the theme of our next intern party, so maybe! ;)
I'm so small, so I get bumped out though :cc

3 months ago #9066877      

well done Danmark, social inclusion

3 months ago #9061339      


3 months ago #9060599      

Good one Denmark !


14 O
3 months ago #9056492      

interesting strategy denmark


16 F
4 months ago #9049266      

Demark is a genius!!

5 months ago #9007177      

Heh, heh, hehe.


7 months ago #8957547      

Smart Denmark ;)

7 months ago #8956807      

this... is beautiful *sniffs*

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