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Ungodly Surprise

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Ungodly Surprise

You can all blame the Faroe Islander Boyishy for this one. All I can say is, you have to watch your mouth when you talk with me. :XD:

Originally Sweden and Åland were involved too, but I decided to break the idea into two comics.

Anyway, the Faroe Islands is the most religious part of the Nordics and the one with fewest gay rights (Gay sex is allowed, but not gay marriages and adoptions, and registered partnerships are not recognized)

Not all straight Faroe Islanders are of course religious and/or against homosexuality, and it’s nowhere near as bad as some of the middle eastern countries, so don’t get the wrong picture. Unfortunately some politicians with very religious views are in charge (One wouldn’t go to a dinner with Iceland’s lesbian prime minister who had brought her wife with her).

But no one is that homophobic without being in the closet... ;)

20th November 2010

20 days ago #9282638        

I approve this messege

27 days ago #9279054        

Them evil smiles

2 months ago #9268793        

Up until the last panel, I had a strong feeling that Faroe was going to be their next victim XD

2 months ago #9259105        

I love their grins on their faces before they got the holy slam.

4 months ago #9238006        

I think i'll just the same as the Faroes when someone is annoying


13 F
4 months ago #9232322        



16 F
4 months ago #9225105        

Isn't it normal not to have such rights? .____.


15 F
4 months ago #9222925        

Denmark, are you cheating on Norway ;_; ?

5 months ago #9211135        


At least most of the Faroese support same-sex marriage (about 62-70% as indicated by polls), just a little bit less support compared to Denmark and Sweden. Same-sex marriage would have a chace to be legalized in these coming 1-3 years as more and more Faroese are pressuring the Løgting members to legalize it, as there were tons of angry comments towards the Løgting members after they had voted against the same-sex marriage bill in this March.

And Estonia has claimed herself as a Nordic country, but yet, the Registered Partnership bill hasn't been discussed in the parliament until this June. Furthermore, you will be surprised that how Estonians are conservative on LGBT rights even though they claim themselves as Nordics. Most of them are still against same-sex marriage and only a slim majority support Registered Partnerships. You will also be surprised of so-many "against homosexual or pervert propaganda" comments on the Estonian news websites.

5 months ago #9211128        


Your comment on the so-called "thriving conservatism" on the Faroe Islands would be right, if it was during the 1970-80s, which were the times when people didn't even acknowledge the existence of this country......

Faroe Islands is really not THAT "socially conservative" even though they are god-fearing. Same-sex marriage is supported by 60%-70% of the population, the gay pride is thriving and it's now a new annual Faroese event. Most of the celebrities are also pro-LGBT.

And please do remember that same-sex sexual acts has already been decriminalized in the Faroe Islands since 1933; whereas in Latvia it has only been decriminalized for barely 22 years and the society is far from accepting Registered Partnerships or even homosexuality itself. You don't need me to tell you about the anti-gay protests in the Riga gay prides in the past and also the following Europride Riga in next year.

The only reason why Faroe Islands look so "conservative" is because of the members of the Løgting, who are mostly right-wing, extremely religious. They also don't consider on how the Faroese society think, and just keep voting on against LGBT rights just because they are against homosexuality. That's why when the members voted against the same-sex marriage bill in this March, they have been criticized by most Faroese as "Undemocratic", "Bigots" or "Not representing the Faroese people".

And I think the reason why Faroese is so god-fearing is because the Faroese are living in a country with limited resources, harsh climate and harsh living conditions. One of examples is that, in the old days, many men had died when they go out fishing because of the storms. Faroese want to have faith to "secure" themselves so that they can survive in this tiny country.

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