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Ungodly Surprise


Ungodly Surprise

You can all blame the Faroe Islander Boyishy for this one. All I can say is, you have to watch your mouth when you talk with me. :XD:

Originally Sweden and Åland were involved too, but I decided to break the idea into two comics.

Anyway, the Faroe Islands is the most religious part of the Nordics and the one with fewest gay rights (Gay sex is allowed, but not gay marriages and adoptions, and registered partnerships are not recognized)

Not all straight Faroe Islanders are of course religious and/or against homosexuality, and it’s nowhere near as bad as some of the middle eastern countries, so don’t get the wrong picture. Unfortunately some politicians with very religious views are in charge (One wouldn’t go to a dinner with Iceland’s lesbian prime minister who had brought her wife with her).

But no one is that homophobic without being in the closet... ;)

20th November 2010

7 days ago #9200823        

"Gay sex is allowed, but not gay marriages and adoptions, and registered partnerships are not recognized" WHAT!?


27 M
2 months ago #9166511        

I start to like the yaoi attacks at sis Japan xD Nosebleed FTW!

2 months ago #9157089        

How many members are there in the Løgting? Also, having read that the Faroe's lose much of their young population (nominally cool with gay rights) to a high, annual migration rate, social conservatives seem to correct me if I am wrong. Or do you suppose old Gaelic monks may have actually brought Christianity earlier than the Norse, strengthening that foundation?

3 months ago #9149093        

I know I'll get controversial reception on sharing my Christian beliefs, but I believe that God sent Jesus to die so that people could be gay, and if they believed in Jesus they would be saved. I really hate it when people quote the bible to share their negative views on homosexuality.

3 months ago #9148459        


4 months ago #9107834        

Ha ha! That's
so funny I just had a nosebleed that finally cleared up!.................

.......then I see this again, now my shirt is ruined too

5 months ago #9103246        

I am from Faroe Island and that is so true... And the nosebleed is kinda true because there are people on Faroe that love yaoi

5 months ago #9097287        

>//////< cuteness overload

5 months ago #9096816        


6 months ago #9075343        


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