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Ungodly Surprise

Ungodly Surprise

You can all blame the Faroe Islander Boyishy for this one. All I can say is, you have to watch your mouth when you talk with me. :XD:

Originally Sweden and Åland were involved too, but I decided to break the idea into two comics.

Anyway, the Faroe Islands is the most religious part of the Nordics and the one with fewest gay rights (Gay sex is allowed, but not gay marriages and adoptions, and registered partnerships are not recognized)

Not all straight Faroe Islanders are of course religious and/or against homosexuality, and it’s nowhere near as bad as some of the middle eastern countries, so don’t get the wrong picture. Unfortunately some politicians with very religious views are in charge (One wouldn’t go to a dinner with Iceland’s lesbian prime minister who had brought her wife with her).

But no one is that homophobic without being in the closet... ;)

21st November 2010

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14 hours ago #9363165        

@Atreju: There are a number of reasons that gay or lesbian couples would like to be able to get married. Part of it is cultural: despite all the things that marriage used to be about (mainly a man having a claim on a woman), nowadays marriage is seen by many as being more about love. It's a declaration of commitment to a relationship, which gay couples would also like to be a part of. In terms of concrete benefits, in some countries like the USA, there are many rights/benefits that are afforded to married couples that couples just living together don't have. And example would be that if one half of a gay couple get's hospitalised, a hospital may not allow the other half to see them because they are not family. If they were married the hospital would be unable to do such a thing. There are also issues about inheritance and who get's to make decisions regarding the health of the injured person - if a couple is unmarried the family may get to make those sorts of decisions.


32 M
3 days ago #9361917        

That's an interesting topic. Generally, it looks to me that homosexuality is viewed upon from two sides - sex between the same gender as a whole, and taking the passive role in it.
While rejection of homosexuals at all is a purely Christian thing as gay relationship contradicts to its basic principles, many other world cultures shunned only the passive role, which deemed to make a man a coward, an inferior subject, and equal to a woman. Besides, in small rural communities you needed to procreate regardless of your orientation, or no one would care of you in the old age, the community could die out altogether.
To survive you had to be strong, brave and share these qualities with your comrades. The more rights women got, and the less important brutal leadership became, the less influence the Church had, the more accepted the gays were.
In Russia for example males still form strong bonds in groups of the same orientation. That is probably one reason gay people are not outlawed, but not welcome to come out.
So Faroe as a small country pretty much fits into that system.
What I personally don't get why people want to have gay marriages at all. Historically marriage was to form a good starting ground for kids, for the sake of inheritance rights and to give the wife some security as not to be kicked into the street. Gay marriages produce no kids and few adopt them. Both partners should be equal in terms of income too. So it sort of puzzles me why people do not find just living together enough.

4 days ago #9361675        

I think being gay was completely outlawed on The Faroe Isles. My mum and uncle are from there, and my uncle is gay, so is my grandcousin, now that i remember(she's also from the Faroe), and we didn't talk much about it, because why should we care? I don't care who my uncle is married to. His husband is pretty nice. A bit older, but nice. The thing is, i found out my cousin was gay when i was younger and my mother talked about it being illegal or something I don't care who my uncle is married to. His husband is pretty nice. A bit older, but nice.

1 month ago #9350617        

Poor little Sister Japan


2 months ago #9342637        

* evil smirk *

...My new shirt...

3 months ago #9334747        

Aww, Sister Japan is adorable!

3 months ago #9329521        

Faroe Islands is so cute with his "Desperate Holy Slam"

3 months ago #9327321        

In Colombia we have a saying about closeted people, it goes:

"Hombre macho gusta de hembra y de muchacho"

... something like "Machoman desires females and young boys alike". Of course, sounds much better in Spanish.


21 M
3 months ago #9327307        

no one is that homophobic without being in the closet...
Hmmm... Nice quote xD


16 F
4 months ago #9322081        


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