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Yes, another "Poles steal cars" joke.

But really, the rest of Europe practically use Polish workers as slaves, so does it surprise anyone if they get sick of it and choose to just run off with our stuff?

17th August 2012


15 F
28 days ago #9301887        

I love how Denmark and Norway are more worried about their bucket and sponge than their car. x)


48 M
1 month ago #9299998        

Yeah, the same as Mexican people here in the U.S. "Work all day and I'll give you a dollar." Then they're insulted as being lazy or dishonest. In my life I've worked alongside MANY Mexican people, and as a rule they will work harder and longer than any American on the jobsite without complaint. For that, they get paid less and are constantly accused of being lazy. That's never made any sense to me...

1 month ago #9299674        

Man. They're treated badly, everyone in history has invaded them.... Polan is just the world biatch, isn't he?

2 months ago #9283760        

If don't say kurwa is'n a pole


17 M
2 months ago #9280749        

I hated some of the slurs I heard people say against polish workers here in the UK. They work harder than those that are doing the slurs.

4 months ago #9246669        

Poland is a carnapper


21 M
5 months ago #9229831        

i think norway is good at treating polish workers fairly, at least if its a law abiding company...


17 M
8 months ago #9159440        

The Polish are the Dutch plumbers and construction workers who are used to make the Dutch work harder in the idea of ''competition''

9 months ago #9157513        

Sweden should not be angry. We usually steal cars from Germany.


19 M
10 months ago #9136078        

Kinda reminds me of the way Mexicans are treated in some places in USA.... I see this all the time where I live (Texas)

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