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What a nice everything

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What a nice everything

One thing I've noticed on my trips to England is how many gardens are over decorated. I mean, all countries have that sort of gardens, but the English seem overly fond of them.

In Sweden however, I've only seen very few.

22nd November 2012

5 hours ago #9294267        

I am glad I am not the only person who noticed the scary garden gnomes in English gardens...

1 month ago #9273307        

Am I the only one holding for humon (did I spell that wright?) to do a date of the the yogscast


25 M
3 months ago #9239697        

Yeah I was thinking that too... Simon Lane A.K.A Honeydew of the Yogscast has been known to say "Would be a shame if something were to happen to it" .. and he's from England.

5 months ago #9201195        

> would be a shame if something were to happen to it...
Is this a joke about Minecraft?

6 months ago #9191023        

Get rid of the flower and the gnome(DAMN THINGS) then move the statues around the garden until they are quite far apart.

6 months ago #9189109        

hahah I'm like that xD i want everything to be simple. even inside the house should not be over decorated.

6 months ago #9171643        

Living in the Philippines means mosquitoes so once my home is finished ill grow garlic as they hate it plus other plants that give off other basic ingredients

8 months ago #9142417        

@CharlesXI I think it's one of those fake electronic flowers that moves around. It looks much too stiff to be real.

8 months ago #9134021        

Why is the sunflower wobbling?!?

8 months ago #9134020        

In Scotland it's just wild grass and the occasional bird seed :)
But you do find a lot of moss in the north am I right ^_^

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