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What a nice everything


What a nice everything

One thing I've noticed on my trips to England is how many gardens are over decorated. I mean, all countries have that sort of gardens, but the English seem overly fond of them.

In Sweden however, I've only seen very few.

22nd November 2012

5 days ago #9134021      

Why is the sunflower wobbling?!?

5 days ago #9134020      

In Scotland it's just wild grass and the occasional bird seed :)
But you do find a lot of moss in the north am I right ^_^

1 month ago #9109073      

Lol, in Norway our gardens are just.. moss.


36 F
1 month ago #9109044      

I wouldn't mind a statue(ette) or two, but plastic flowers and birds and shit? Nah, thanks.


17 F
2 months ago #9081051      

He only likes his lions ridiculously pompous.


3 months ago #9064253      

I was expecting an explosian Xp

4 months ago #9045092      

well Since there is tulips I'm fine

5 months ago #9022891      

Loving the Minecraft reference. :3


22 M
5 months ago #9022064      

You must never have been to either the Netherlands or Germany then.

5 months ago #9011948      

That gnome...disturbs me

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