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What comes around goes around

What comes around goes around

I did a report on the history of witches as my final project for my religious studies, and I learned some very interesting things.

If you go back before the big Christian witch hunts you'll see a lot of reports of people getting burned for accusing others of being witches. The explanation was because the church believed that only through God could you perform "magic" so even if someone tried to cast spells and what not it would be ineffective. Therefore the belief that others could perform magic was seen as just as pagan as people attempting it.

So if you accused someone of being a witch there was no grantee the "witch" would get killed, but you sure as hell would just for thinking witches existed.

As we all know the church eventually gave in to the people's demand for "justice" and the big witch hunts started.

27th February 2014

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112 M
16 days ago #9356754        

@ShoggothOnTheRoof Yeah pretty much. :)

2 months ago #9342198        

The start of the big witch hunts were less "we will give the people what they want," and more "hey, we can take their stuff."

3 months ago #9329335        

Wow and to think women get kill


15 F
5 months ago #9301559        

Good! I never liked him anyway! I'd rather deal with Denmark for a year than King Europe for a day!



17 M
7 months ago #9260420        

I'd love to see Queen Europe get more strips.

8 months ago #9246641        

Poor King EU, he was so very superstitious


17 M
8 months ago #9243393        

It was only the Proddies who hunted witches.

10 months ago #9199224        

this is kinda funny because i think when Christians came to Iceland and i think norway they actually had to convince them that women were Witches as it was mostly believed that men were Witches, i don't really know if this is true but it would be fun to see a comic about it
oh wait i just went back and realized it was your comic that mentioned it. lol stupid me

11 months ago #9189839        

Aw man wtf..... As per usual Christianity became more oppressive, hateful and corrupt with time for stupid reasons.

11 months ago #9175076        

I've got to say Queen Europe looks really cute

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