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What to do what to do

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What to do what to do

So this happened in Sweden. The guards forgot to lock a group of prisoners in their cells for the night, and they decided to spend the time baking chocolate cake and watch TV.

4th December 2013


21 M
4 days ago #9328322        

Ah, Europe... you have the weirdest prisoners.

5 days ago #9327437        

@Migoth & @TheRandomSpectator : honestly at this point i don't know what we're joining anymore o.o


23 M
6 days ago #9327160        

@GamerGirlLucy & @TheRandomSpectator, Can I join in? got long hair and like metal. :D and is dane, so close by

9 days ago #9326255        

@GamerGirlLucy Ooh!!! Can I join you?? (I used to have long hair, and on occasion, i sorely miss it, but still a metal head!)

10 days ago #9325485        

I'd just like to say, the Norse lands sound awesome based on these comics :O however i'd prolly be the only Portuguese-American there ;-; but! at least i have long hair! i could maybe fit in with the metal maniacs? o.o?

2 months ago #9303646        


Now all we need is to nuke China/Russia/Insert-Other-Country-That-Is-Totally-Unacceptable-To-Nuke-Here-AKA-Any-Country, and I'll go on a government murder spree in DC! :D

(EDIT: Clearly joking, FBI. Yeah, I know you're reading this. Tell the legislative and judiciary branches to get their shit together.)


14 F
2 months ago #9301555        

Way to go!

3 months ago #9289228        

Just like a true American @ShylokVakarian

3 months ago #9287194        

When American guards forget to lock American prison cells: Mass escape.
When Swedish guards forget to lock Swedish prison cells: Mass chocolate cake.

I have lost faith I didn't even have in America's government. I literally have negative faith in the government. I'm in faith debt.

3 months ago #9282652        

OMG this is the cutest thing EVER!!! Please make an avatar of the 4-6 panels!!! PLEASE!!!

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