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What to do what to do

So this happened in Sweden. The guards forgot to lock a group of prisoners in their cells for the night, and they decided to spend the time baking chocolate cake and watch TV.

4th December 2013

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19 days ago #9370493        

That is so amazing and I just love his happy little face at the end.

1 month ago #9361647        

How delightful, that is what I would do to.


27 F
1 month ago #9361570        

Wish american prisoners were like that... They be much nicer then! Then of course, they wouldn't be there in the first place if they were!

3 months ago #9347793        

Why does Sweden look like a PacMan ghost when PacMan just ate a super-pellet?


3 months ago #9347614        

I honestly think that if they do that, then they are very much rehabilatated.


34 M
4 months ago #9334170        

@Nerdydane actually, they are not torture camps. at least not in America. Instead, they are just another way for the gov't to make more money off of people, and honestly they dont care about rehabilitating the people. Everyone in there is just a dollar sign. Which is sad. *source: I was stupid and had to spend a couple days in work release jail.*


246 F
4 months ago #9333276        

Thank God they didn't comit any murder xD

4 months ago #9333211        

Mmm... cake.


999 O
4 months ago #9330725        

@Mecharic maybe, but you prisons seem like a torture camp. Cake baking is a nice and healthy activity


21 M
4 months ago #9328322        

Ah, Europe... you have the weirdest prisoners.

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