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What to do what to do


What to do what to do

So this happened in Sweden. The guards forgot to lock a group of prisoners in their cells for the night, and they decided to spend the time baking chocolate cake and watch TV.

4th December 2013

2 days ago #9278411        

I expected something random to happen:XD:
Silly swedes:P

7 days ago #9275699        

Only in sweden criminals feel so home in a prison they actually does this xp


14 M
26 days ago #9267917        

i would so do that

1 month ago #9263150        


2 months ago #9259292        

Can i have one?

2 months ago #9256413        

This summer in Jönköping in Sweden police-cars rush to the cinema in the middle of the night because the alarm had got in many parts of the building. Find out that a gust had falling asleep during a move and the workers had not checked if anyone was left this evening because the have hurried home to see soccer.She had tried to get out. The police than beg they citizen in Jönköping by fb to sit still and call them if you fall asleep at a cinema.

2 months ago #9255971        

Now those guy's are so awesome!

2 months ago #9255207        

@Lucanos Ah man, you guys are the best! :D

2 months ago #9247817        

Sweden is the best they didn't even try to escape. :D

2 months ago #9246878        

@Panda_Julle sure ;)

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