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What to do what to do


What to do what to do

So this happened in Sweden. The guards forgot to lock a group of prisoners in their cells for the night, and they decided to spend the time baking chocolate cake and watch TV.

4th December 2013

1 month ago #9226375        

Im a swede, and I should do the same..

3 months ago #9189254        

I feel like Sweden is lazy, when it comes to closing times. they never take the time to see if anyone is left inside the building. in gymnasiet (high school) me and my friends got lock inside the school and we could not get out because then the alarm would go. And how the fuck could they not hear us when we where playing music in the music room (aloud)?!!?!? Serious we where playing music the whole time. which made us to forget the time it was like 19.30 when we stopped and we noticed that we where alone and the school close 17.00. so we ended up been locked up and we where starving like hell. so what did we do? well we had some party, dancing to keep us worm and found some santa claus coat because it was freaking cold. it was around 02.20 when the cleaners came in and thought we were burglaries. but after telling them our story and show my School card. to show them that i was from this school (which made them not to call the cops. lucky) but they still kick us out from the school in the middle of the night and we could not go home since there was no buses and we had no money to take a taxi. we ended up camping outside the school until buses started go again and we when home since non of us wanted to go to school that day. to be honest it was fun but common how could they forget us? I feel like I'm telling my entire life by telling this ....(._.) my point is that Sweden most really learn to check before they leave.

3 months ago #9188232        

I would love to see the guards go GODDAMNIT WE FORGOT TO LOCK THE SWEDE IN

3 months ago #9167775        

@Bonnefeta Neglect B and the difference is simply on the philosphical level.

Agreed on the fact that Terrorist are a all to loosely used term. People label eachothers terrorists, but fail to see that their own actions qualify as act of terrorism as well. Leads me to the next point.

How do we justify anyhting? Ramble alot of words with no meaning saying we're still better then them, because it's the way it is. And therefore we can do whatever we want. Have been working for the last 4000 years, why change a winning concept?

I'm probably sick enough to torture people, mental torture is probably easy enough, People exact it on others everyday, and not just kids between eachother in schools, adults too... Now sadistic, physical torture? I'm probably sick enough, don't know about others though.. And I'm just as power hungry as anyone else...

So, Your next question will probably be, if I consider myself better than those I torture. Nah, but I can always rationale it away with honeyed words...

3 months ago #9167562        

@Zervo The difference between imprisonment and torture is that locking people away is A) a form of punishment B) gives us a chance to rehabilitate people and C) it is in the best interest of society to remove those who have broken it's laws for multiple reasons, from protecting society to protecting the guilty for disproportionate punishment from members of society.
There is a large difference between that and intentionally causing intense physical or emotional pain for an extended period of time at the benefit of no one. No one is helped by torturing people. And I'm aware that many people want torture to be allowed but I don't think it's ethical. And if we're being honest, many people (especially US conservatives) are ok with torturing people who are the 'other' so people they label as terrorists, people with different sounding names to them, but the thought of it being used against people with names like Rob and John just seems wrong and abhorrent.
Regardless if we torture people how do we reconcile that? How is torturing people any more just that what they have done? and if you are in support of torture would you do it? Would you torture them? If not what kind of people do you assume would be comfortable with doing that? And do we really want to give them that sort of power?

3 months ago #9166942        

@AlexanderExe Had I've been one of the prisoners, I've never shared my choclate cake with them. EVER! :) In any case, it would have been long gone before they come back anyways..

3 months ago #9166941        

@Bonnefeta eh don't take my ramblings for a thrust in the chest, I've got my views but they are pretty harmless in practice :) And before I say something else, I will admit that I'm probably not that objective in the matter.

In any case, If we don't want to see torture as a punishment, We must first establish what torture is. I mean is it even ethical in practice to lock people away in the first place, because they've done things wrong?
I mean, you and I ain't allowed to break into someones house and remove a person because we suspect someone has done something criminal, but the state are allowed to? Essentially punishing crimes with kidnapping? Argue that it isn't that simple, but it is. Before he have stood before a court.

And to answer your question, Yes, plenty of people in the 21st centuary do really want to hear that people are being tortured for things we see as abhorrent, they probably don't want to see it though. Me included. That said, as a full fledged hypocrat, I'm horrified by the treatment of the prisoners in Guantanamo (those that hasn't gone through a court and been established as terrorists first at least).

3 months ago #9166860        

I would love to see the guards faces, like


then walking in to the lobby or whatever place they were eating chocolate cake and watching tv, and the prisioners tells them

-Where's the fire?


-We baked chocolate cake, want some?

3 months ago #9166841        

@Zervo Ok so we won't se the world 'civilised' if you don't want to, that's fine. But my point still stands, that in the 21st century do we really want people to be allowed to be tortured because they did something we see as abhorrent?

3 months ago #9166665        

@Bonnefeta Killing one human being is disgusting and horrible, But I think that for many murderers it was just as much a horrible situation for them. The mistake of their life. That can be reworked, rehabilitated, and these people may then be allowed to take up their life at a point in time, where they are stable enough. I don't think one should forgive them though, Rather, "We allow you mercy because we think everyones worth a second chance, we won't however forgive you for your crimes".

Those people that think that killing a few peoples because religious/ideologi demands it, rapes then kills, kill for the heck of it (sadists) and the like, are the ones that is mentally unfit for "civilised" life, forever. In which I see two options: Mental assylums or rot in their own crazyness.

Secondly, I wouldn't call any part of the world "civilised", it's feels elitist and sort of a justification to force your way of life on others, and last time I checked, everytime humans did that, a lot of people died in horrible ways and even more suffered horribly... In any case, fact remains that our "civilised" countries are not much better in comparison to those countries and cultures (past and present) we call uncivilised.

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