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Wild Ghost

Wild Ghost

Norway was very proud of their wild albino moose, which they had lovingly named Albin, and the local hunting community had agreed not to hurt it.

Then along comes a Danish hunter who hadn't herd about this rule, and shoots it. The Norwegian anger seemed like it would never end.

In Denmark the case has mainly been turned into a joke. Not because of the death of poor Albin which everybody agrees is sad and stupid, but because for a while the Norwegian media acted like all Danes ever born had put a bullet in Albin personally, when the truth is that most would run in the opposite direction at the sight of anything with horns.

28th November 2011
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1 month ago #9329484        

Aww poor Albin


21 M
1 month ago #9328192        

Reminds me of that albino peacock thing that's apparently famous in the states.


999 M
1 month ago #9325274        

@Nethermore Yes. (also mammuths)

3 months ago #9302891        

Is Denmark also the reason why Dinosaurs and Dodo birds gone extinct?



15 F
3 months ago #9298981        

"Get away from it Norway! I bet it drinks beer too!"

4 months ago #9279073        

I love Sweden's blasé slaps

4 months ago #9277946        

Which is why I hate hunters.

6 months ago #9245483        

@DKviking Nah, we're geniuses! Norway loved Albin more than they loved us >:( WE HAD TO TAKE OUT THE COMPETITION!!!!


14 F
8 months ago #9217664        

LOL this is so retarded :p

10 months ago #9158322        

@trulyElse XD lol
i mean out of nowhere

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