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Wild Ghost


Wild Ghost

Norway was very proud of their wild albino moose, which they had lovingly named Albin, and the local hunting community had agreed not to hurt it.

Then along comes a Danish hunter who hadn't herd about this rule, and shoots it. The Norwegian anger seemed like it would never end.

In Denmark the case has mainly been turned into a joke. Not because of the death of poor Albin which everybody agrees is sad and stupid, but because for a while the Norwegian media acted like all Danes ever born had put a bullet in Albin personally, when the truth is that most would run in the opposite direction at the sight of anything with horns.

28th November 2011

7 days ago #9130038      

Just because it's an albino moose doesn't mean it's a ghost Denmark!

18 days ago #9122926      

Ghost reindeer

1 month ago #9106134      

SWEDEN IZ EVAHRYWHERE .....waiting to Slap U

1 month ago #9103334      

Why did Norway invite Denmark to learn how to love nature when all he does is drink and sleep??!???

1 month ago #9102236      

Norway and Denmark remind me of the stereotypes of my state (Oregon) being Norway and Denmark being California

2 months ago #9096746      

Poor Albin

2 months ago #9096336      

Now I get it! It keeps raining here in Bergen because "Clouds of Never Ending Sadness".

2 months ago #9087988      

We were angry because the hunter admitted afterwards that he HAD heard of the rule. He said when he saw the moose he debated internally whether it was /illegal/ to shoot it, or if it was just a "stupid" rule. He concluded with the latter, and shot Albin.
When confronted with the criticism afterwards, he said he didn't give a shit, that he would never take part in the protection of an individual animal anyway, and that he couldn't wait to hang Albins head on his wall.

We were angry because he was an arrogant, egotistical, disrespectful old man.

3 months ago #9065701      

a bit exagerated... was justt a bloody moose.... he would die someday


25 F
4 months ago #9046862      

where the came sweden from?
i love how he slaps denmark XDDD he don´t seen to care but slaps hin anywhere because of what he did ^^

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