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Women's Rights


Women's Rights

The result of a conversation that got started by the “Love Finland” picture, about what it means to be a feminist and what men gain or loose from female rights, that started out serious but ended up being ridicules, and we both agreed that we had to stop when we started talking about “The Strapon of Women’s Rights” :XD:

I've gotten quite fond of the idea that Finland has an odd fetish for feminists. Sadly, non of the crazy feminazis want to touch him because he has a penis, so he’ll have to do with Sister Sweden who doesn't give a crap about women's rights, but is willing to pretend that she does. :XD:

And for the curious, yes, there is something underneath the censor bar. A pink strapon with female symbols on it. :D
I promise this will be the last strapon picture for quite a while.

EDIT: I'm a feminist myself, so you don't have to tell me what it is. This is just for fun. ;)

7th June 2010

1 month ago #9299864        

You do realise this poster sold like bread because most people buying it were, er, you know, men who think feminism figuratively fucks men up the arse. You know that, right?

2 months ago #9282895        


2 months ago #9282541        

Just the way I like it


17 M
2 months ago #9281759        

@MrOdinlemont that's called being an egalitarian

2 months ago #9275529        

I don't believe men or women should be superior to the other but that they should be considered equal. Children should be seen as the most important

3 months ago #9271637        

Well... that's oddly arousing..


22 M
5 months ago #9235117        

Am i the only one that find a dominant women with a strap-on really hot and fun night

7 months ago #9186303        

@America-sama You do, that's kinda awesome!

7 months ago #9186199        

@DanishGirlDK I own this poster if you wanted to know!


27 M
8 months ago #9163137        

Omg, I 'can't anymore :D So funny xD

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