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Don't show that stuff in Denmark's face if it can't get him drunk!!

We had loads of fun with the English pennies while I was in England. :XD:

And a new font because I've long been wanting to use one that mix better with the drawings. :)

6th November 2011


15 F
1 month ago #9298977        

Stupid England.

3 months ago #9265590        

@Hyddan93 *hisssssss*


22 M
3 months ago #9265196        

@englesheep2 Oh yeah didn't think of that, all of those 99p stores would have to close up shop beacuse they couldn't give back correct change. :)

Or you could... you know, make them cost 1 pound?

3 months ago #9265041        

@Hyddan93 If we got rid of 1 2 and 5 pence show would we give change for 99 pence things and for 95 pence things etc?

4 months ago #9246858        

Who else here knows that the term penny only applies to English currency? In America, the equivalent is cent.

9 months ago #9150057        

@klausboy We should just strait up get rid of the øre.

9 months ago #9140626        

useless indeed!


19 M
10 months ago #9135597        

As far as i remember, the 5p are basically like 25ører was, right? then who the heck would want to own a 1p or 2p, even 50ører are stupid -_-


22 M
10 months ago #9125526        

I was in London a few weeks ago and for the love of the gods get rid of this useless coins you maniacs.

1, 2 and preferrably the 5 p coins should go.

1 year ago #9062226        

well I make collection of coins and notes from all over the world and time. I have a argentinian peso from 1908 and an argentinai peso also very old. It's soo pretty

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