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Beautiful Gardens

Beautiful Gardens

Humans have made some parts of the world great places for wildlife and awful places for humans.

1 - France and Belgium
Some areas are littered with unexploded bombs.

2 - Falkland Islands
Large minefields that only Penguins can cross.

3 - Ukraine
Chernobyl exclusion zone.

4 - North and South Korea
The Korean demilitarized zone.

Belgium France North Korea Ukraine South Korea Falkland Islands
11th September 2020
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5 days ago #9842955        

South Georgia ones are friendlier.
They sometimes have a red hue to them, if they have been catching fish near were the iron is leaching. It is harmless to them.
The white gets a red tinge. Now that is cute.

5 days ago #9842837        

Why is this not in the main comics?

and the penguins are so cute X3

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6 days ago #9842771        

i love this one omg
i wanna see the penguins >>

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