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Lazy Lady 29 4, 12:45pm

'@VeryCreativeName'' #9756306' Guidance system for ICBM that should hit the general area of a major city is relatively easy, it's not like North Korea needs a bunker buster warhead with CEP of less than 200 meters. They've already figured out how to control the missile during ascent, so they've solved the most important problem. Failure of test facility kind of implies that they've figured out how to build a thermonuclear bomb as well. Even if best that they can do is a bomb with yield of tens of kilotons, they can still strap it to a land-based tactical ballistic missile, use it as a land mine, demolition charge or deliver it by submarine as either missile, torpedo or sea mine. That will be enough to threaten South Korea and Japan.

But hey, here's an opinion of someone studying North Korea since 1992: