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Lazy Lady 30 4, 12:21am



There you have it in a highly concentrated form - the far-right propaganda I was talking about.
These are the kind of people who call people like me - who actually base our understanding of the world on facts - "SJW:s".

Notice how nothing this person claims is based on any actual sources or proof of any kind - it's just all about pushing their own propaganda and assigning derogatory names like "SJW" and memes like "virtue signaling" to anyone that doesn't agree with them.

The assumption this person bases her fever fantasy on is that the majority of the population of an entire nation (in this case Sweden) is either insane or suicidal, as her claim is that the entire nation "is doomed in 50 years time", if we don't accept her baseless claims.

Now does that seem likely?

No, of course not - but that's where the far-right ends up when they make insane claims they have no proof for.

Everyone not agreeing is just labeled insane or part of the huge conspiracy of people who deliberately want to see their own nation (and often the entire western world) destroyed.

In short - these people are simply just fundamentalists.
They believe they and they alone know the only TRUTH and anyone not agreeing with them must be crushed to save their chosen people and the world from terrible danger.

While in reality, it's of course fundamentalists like them that ARE the real danger to the world - whether they be militant Islamic fundamentalists of militant far-right fundamentalists.
Both of them happily kill in the name of their fucked up beliefs.
Because that's what fundamentalists sooner or later always end up doing - killing people.