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Don't mess with Aland

Don't mess with Aland

I promised myself that I wouldn’t post another Åland comic so soon after the last one, but after reading about The Kumlinge Battle I had to.

During the Finnish war Russia chased the Swedish soldiers off of Åland. Then they went home, but left about 450 well trained soldiers behind in case the Swedes would come back. The soldiers started getting bossy and tried commanding the Ålanders around and make them harvest their grain for them. The Ålanders were not happy about that at all, so a few sneaked back to Sweden and said, “They want us to work for them, but we will stay faithful to the Swedish king. We are ready to do anything, but we need help!”
The Swedes wanted to help, but could only effort to send a few soldiers and guns for the farmers. With their new weapons the Ålanders, all farmers who had no military training whatsoever, sneaked up on the Russian soldiers and surprised them. In fact the Ålanders were so vicious and good that the Russians thought they were up against an army of Swedish soldiers and decided to surrender.
Across from the battlefield the Ålanders looked confused on as Russians started waving white flags. Because they had no military training they didn’t understand the signal, and just kept shooting! The Russiand must have thought they were crazy. :XD:
It didn’t stop before some Swedish soldiers saw what was going on and told them to stop. Great was the Russians’ humiliation when they realised they had surrenders to farmers! :XD:
Only three people dired during the battle.

Sweden was so very proud of Åland that day. :D

As put it: “So don't mess with Åland. The only reason he has agreed to all the non-fortification and non-militarisation treaties since the Crimean war and the destruction of Bomarsund is that he is so badass that he does not need them.” ;)

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25th May 2010
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5 years ago #9556993        

People need permission to carry guns. Guns need permission to carry Åland

4 years ago #9624067        

I just love all these comics based on actual, real events! It makes it ten times funnier and easier to learn all this stuff (that we most likely wouldn't learn about in school though). Am I the only one who would want for these comics to become an actual part of the school education system?? Because it definitely should be!

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6 years ago #9358245        

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why Åland is a demilitarized zone.

6 years ago #9427315        

I love these comics, especially when there is a historic joke on them.

6 years ago #9385759        

I Love Aland though before SATW I never heard of it.


3 years ago #9793099        

"Sweden was so very proud of Åland that day." Until, it becomes part of Finnish Grand Duchy, so very proud of it now?

3 years ago #9778302        


No but seriously.. he’s one to add to my list to never piss off.

List of people not to piss off:

-Finland. I mean, the fact that he carries around a knife and can snipe you from across the continent is really all you need. This guy is the LAST guy on this list you want to mess with.

-Sis Sweden (Because Finland WILL kill you if you piss of his lover ;P)

-Also Svalbard... Hes pretty tough ;P

-And finally Åland... this comic is all you need.

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3 years ago #9763251        

Åland looks so badass with a gun

4 years ago #9683758        

In WWII, the Russians trained their dogs to hide under tanks when they heard the sound of gunfire. The goal was that they would send the dogs into battle with bombs tied to their backs, and when they heard gunfire, they would run and hide under German tanks. Fortunately for the Germans, that didn't work out. Since the German tanks used gasoline, the Russian tanks used diesel fuel, and the dogs were trained using tanks that ran on diesel fuel, when the guns were fired, the dogs immediately ran to hide under the nearest Russian tank. Whoever trained the dogs was so stupid XD

4 years ago #9634406        

i like sweden in the last panel.

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