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Eurovision 2013

Eurovision 2013

Belarus and France wore similar dresses. One more sparkley than the other.

Netherlands Can't be seen in the video, but it started with a clip of the singer boxing the air on top of a house, followed by her singing of birds falling from rooftops...

Malta The only way they could have made it cuter would be to have puppies perform the number.

Moldovia was supposed to be a volcano, but I have to admit it reminded me more of an upside down ice cream cone because of her hair.

Italy looked ever so adorably confused and like he was asking "I don't have any money. I hope this is good enough" which paled awfully next to Romania's glittery vampire that would send Edward Cullen running for his money.

Azerbaijan had a man in a box, and was very close to winning.

And finally the Nordics.
Finland had a lesbian kiss at the end of a song to her boyfriend.
Iceland had Marvel/Hollywood Thor.
Norway had a super tight dress.
Sweden had a guy sweeping his dancers off their feet.
And Denmark won Eurovision with an *ahem* golden shower.

There was LOTS more going on, such as a giant and hipsters but dammit, I only have so much paper.

I do think it's rather sweet though that the winning song "Only Teardrops" is actually about Europe and a plea for everyone to get along. :)

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22nd May 2013
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6 years ago #9770989        

panel 2: FINISH HIM

5 years ago #9781013        

Why do both Denmark’s look Psychotic ?

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2 years ago #9871688        

i want someone to look at me the way denmark is loking at azerbaijan,,

6 years ago #9763943        

I know I’m gonna sound like a stereotypical Swede that is mad we didn’t win 2013 but no (1. Our song that year SUCKED 2. Denmark’s song that year was pretty good & 3. I don’t care THAT much about ESC, I’m more of an Melodifestivalen person but if Sweden has an actually good song I probably will watch it. Anyway:). Hear me out tho... it sounded pretty similar to “euphoria” that won 2012... not exactly the same but pretty similar... just had to say it okay?!

6 years ago #9717669        

*sees Eurovision*
Tell me...
How may times do we win or lose?
How many times can we break the rules between us,
Only teardrops,
How many times do we have to fight?
How many times till’ we get it right between us,
Only teardrops!

7 years ago #9650345        

That's it, I'm gonna start watching Eurovision.
And if it's just for getting even more fun out of the yearly SATW Eurovision summary.

7 years ago #9619270        

I really want to see Belarus appear in more comics ^^

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7 years ago #9592392        

Belarus is the queen of sparkles, while Iceland is obviously the king.

7 years ago #9585846        


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7 years ago #9540279        

Only Tear Drops is still one of my favorit songs :D so yeah Denmark deserved to win :3 the Swedish song was so bad i got so mad when Robin won The Swedish Eurovision -.-

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