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Eurovision 2015

Eurovision 2015

Don't worry, colorful speech bubbles aren't going to be a thing from now on. Just this once it makes it easier to see who is saying what.

Sadly I didn't have a lot of time to make this year's Eurovision comic, but no way could anything keep me from making one!

I have to admit I though this year was pretty boring. Not because of Austria, they did a great job, but because most of the artists decided to act classy which equals super boring Eurovision for me. I need lots of stupid costumes! Crazy dancers! Huge fireworks! I need Eurovision to be weird dammit!

The host country Austria got zero points. :(

Sweden was as always stoked to win. Nobody in the world loves Eurovision more than them, so no wonder they win so often.

Australia got to join this year as a special one time thing. They did great and are welcome in the future if the powers that be allows it.

The last two times Sweden won, Denmark won the year after, so it's a bit of a running joke in Denmark to say "Oh no, we can't effort Eurovision again already!" before we've even won.

26th May 2015

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217 O

Online Now
2 years ago #9416701        



Finland - Perkele.
He got last in the semis! WORST THING EVER!

FYR Macedonia - What did I do wrong?
Listen to both of these and you'll see what I mean;

Czech Republic - Hey, I didn't make it through, but I got my best result EVER! YES!!!!!!!!
Czech Republic got 13/17 in the semis, thus not getting through, when it got last then second-to-last then last again.

Hungary and Cyprus - Well, no one thought we'd make it through
Except from me XD

Estonia - I got higher than most of the nordics! Maybe they'll FINALLY accept me!

1 year ago #9473870        



Well, we sure won't win this year. Our number sucks. Even many of the people who voted for it to win the Melodifestivalen and love it doesn't think it can win Eurovision. Honestly. Ugh.

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2 years ago #9469597        



I think my ever-favourite Eurovision song will always be "Hard Rock Hallelujah" (I also just realised that was 10 years ago, omfg). if only they still sent metal bands to Eurovision...

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11 months ago #9556785        



Wow... It was quite rude not to give Germany any points... (come here poor thing (gives hug))
Oh and Austria I guess.

2 years ago #9465624        



The irony of the host country not having point is pretty funny.


44 M
2 years ago #9450369        



I guess this year Finland will have hard rock, as other european countries seem to hate punk rock and Down persons.

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2 years ago #9420830        



// Eurovision is one of the reasons why I like Europe.
Especially for people in the hetalia and satw fandom like me!
Buuuuut I always cheer for countries that are- well, not Greece XD and everyone gives me weird looks, still, so worth it XD

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2 years ago #9411753        



Malta: *is in the corner, sobbing loudly* "I'VE BEEN IN EUROVISION 28 TIMES AND THE HIGHEST PLACE I'VE BEEN IN WAS SECOND!!!! I'LL NEVER WIN!!!!"

27 days ago #9674900        



I don't really watch Eurovision so if the Swedes are happy, I guess that's fine.

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