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During the infamous Winter War (where Finland received no aid from allies) Finns invented the Moltov cocktail out of spare parts, to bomb Russian tanks, as the Finns only had one working tank in army.
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Western Countries: "USSR, why are you bombing Helsinki?" USSR: "We are not bombing them. We are dropping bread baskets to hungry Finns"

Meanwhile at front lines: a BT tank wanders too far away from infantry. Finnish soldier gets on top of the tank: "Hei ryssät! Täältä tullee hieman juomaa, kiitos leivästä!" a molotov cocktail got inside of the tank and crew starts evacuating. (To translate for you what the soldier said: Hei Ruskies, Here comes some drinks, as a thank you for the bread!" obviously said in very sarcastic and insulting manner)

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Finland received volunteer soldiers from Sweden and Norway, along with aid from multiple other countries:


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Finland had 10 working tanks, according to this:

Of course, they were operationally basically nonexistent; Russian tank forces were a hundred times larger.

Finns did indeed invent the Molotov Cocktail:

So, while this doesn't appear to be completely accurate.... close enough :)

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