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So according to this poll

The USA, France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Finland all voted USA as the country that did most to defeat the nazis

While the UK and Norway voted the UK as the country that did the most to defeat the nazis

I'm not surprised at USA or UK results but everyone I was I think more would voted UK or USSR or at least be more even between the US and UK

By: AmericanButterfly 23rd May 2020

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Icelandic place names may sound exotic, but they're usually not very creative. Example: The most powerful waterfall in Europe, Dettifoss, just means "falling falls"

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Because humans have almost never gone there for 60 years, the Korean DMZ has become a refuge for several endangered species such as Siberian tigers and red crowned cranes.


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11 months ago #9831741        

It cannot be said that one of the three did more than the others to defeat nazi Germany. Had the UK never fought, than the western allies would not have had a chance to launch the invasion at Normandy. Plus, the royal navy almost single handedly delayed the axis navies until America and Russia entered the war. Had Russia never fought, than Germany never suffers massive casualties at Stalingrad and Leningrad. Had America never fought, than the invasion of Normandy is never launched. Plus, American factories provides weapons to the other allies. This was particularly useful to Russia and China, as, despite that fact that they had millions of soldiers, were practically throwing sticks and stones at the axis. My neighbors grandfather fought for the red army, and she said at the beginning of the fighting his platoon had two working guns. So yeah. It was the efforts of all three. Plus China, France, several smaller nations such as Canada and Australia, rebellions in occupied nations, and volunteer fighters from neutral nations.

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11 months ago #9830946        
I'm gonna put this here cause it sums up great how I feel
The Allies won as a team

11 months ago #9830822        

I know England doesn't represent the whole UK, and since there isn't a Canon Britain/UK character I wanted to keep it to Canon characters

Guess I was lucky all the countries where Canon characters

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America wearing England's shirt