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Interrupting Phone Call

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Interrupting Phone Call

Northeast is on the phone with Netherlands when America came in and hung the phone up on him, thinking he was speaking "Geman" and Northeast who used to be New Netherlands and native tongue is Dutch got angry at him for one hanging the phone up on his dad, two mistaking Dutch for German.

this is taking place during WWI after the US enter the war on the Allies side

I know the phone isn't accurate but I was lazy to draw an accurate phone

By: AmericanButterfly 27th September 2020

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Over 90% of all gunpowder fired by the Americans during the American Revolution was supplied by France.

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Estonia has WiFi available everywhere in the country.


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"Broken condom" XD



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I decided to change Northeast's hair, his style is still the same but his cowlick is slightly bigger and I got rid of his premature greys, I also made his hair a lighter shade of brown, I'm still keeping the dark circle under his eyes

btw I can not speak or read/write Dutch all the Dutch in the comic is from Google translate I made sure the Dutch and English match with each other

btw America and the Northeast aren't related to each other they and the other regions just "live together" being from the same big country

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America wearing England's shirt