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SatW Countries in Order of Appearance 2009 to 2020

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SatW Countries in Order of Appearance 2009 to 2020

All the SatW Countries minus the animal pets and islands

top Bro-Sweden, Bro-Denmark, Bro-Norway, Bro-Greenland, Jan Mayen, Bro- England, Bro-America, Bro-Germany, Bro-Finland, Bro-Iceland, Bro-Australia, Sis Norway, Sis-Iceland, Sis-Finland, Sis-Denmark, Sis-Sweden, Bro-Canada, Bro-Russia, Scotland, Ireland, King Europe,
New Zealand and Wales

Bro-Faroes Islands, Bro-Japan, Bro-Poland, Bornholm, Scania, Iraq, Iran, Mexico, North Pole, South Africa, Nazi Germany, Sis-America,
Sis-Canada, South America, Republic of the Congo, Greece, Åland, FennoSwede, Turkey, Spain, China, Italy, Sis-Russia, Bro-Netherlands, Sis-Japan, and Belgium

Svalbard, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Sis-France, Romania, Sis-England, Somalia, Sis-Saudia Arabia, Sis-Netherlands, Atlantis, Sis-Germany, New South Wales, Switzerland, Christiania, Sealand, Sis-Australia, Kven, Bro-North Korea, Bro-South Korea, The Vatican, and Bro-Lapland/Sami

Prussia, Austria, Bro-Moldova, Jylland, Fyn, Bro-France, Hungary, Sis(?)-Hong Kong, Belarus, Malta, Sis-Moldova, Azerbaijan, Zanzibar, Tanzania, Bro-Thailand, Tanna, Queen Europe, Bro-Ukraine, Malaysia, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo,

Chile, Kuwait, India, Sis-Faroes Islands, Shara, Grandpa North, Syria, Sis-China, Sis-Sami, Morroco, Grandma?-North, Sis-Greenland, Central African Republic, Northern Ireland, Sis-Brazil, Sis-North Korea, Sis-South Korea, Ethiopia, The Philippines, Isreal, Hawaii, and The UN

Sis-Ukraine, The Wolrd, Sis-Poland, Colombia, Tibet, Bro-Saudi Arabia, Bro-Hong Kong, Quebec, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, San Marino, Lichtenstein, Portugal, and The Ancients

By: AmericanButterfly 15th June 2021

Community made Fact Cards:

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Reykjavík's last mayor was an anarchist standup comedian. He had a particular fondness for meeting dignitaries dressed as Star Wars characters.

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It is illegal in the city of Brighton, Michigan, to be willfully annoying. A similar law in Grand Rapids was repealed in 2014


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4 months ago #9859122        

without England between them it just looks like Scotland and Ireland are having an angry staring contest lol

also, I added both the guest comic appearance of Hong Kong, and Humon's version of Bro-Hong Kong, and I like to imagine first Hong Kong is "Sister Hong Kong" but I'm not sure so I add ? at the end of Sis, so that way both versions can be canon

I skipped, Beer Ghost, and Special Lion, and volcano, and Hans Islands (it will just be too long if I did everyone so those with the flag were prioritized and not the "pets" or other non-country things like Scientology or Burger King, or check out guy, etc

I tried removing the dying man from The Ancients but it ended up looking weird so I just kept him in,

I almost forgot Sister North and South Korea cause their picture is in the description of Going For Gold and not the actual comic, so I had to add them in

edit I misspelled Sahara, opps

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America wearing England's shirt