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Brother France

France's male counterpart, Brother France, is described as being similar in personality to her, only more rude and plays the part of the, "misunderstood artist." In his debut, Humon describes his activities as, "slashing and/or burning his own paintings while naked, unless he's protesting something and going on strike", and having elegant, "borderline feminine" movements, yet speaks with a very deep voice. Like his sister, he wears a blue beret, although with no eyewear. In detailed comics, he appears with black gloves. For the comic Can't touch that, he drops the red scarf, revealing a collar to his shirt.

Brother France is turned away from the viewer in the comic Golden Dawn, revealing the possibility that the back of his shirt is the same as the front, rather than flipped. This was proved incorrect in other comics where his sleeves are the same colour front and back. Likely, the image was originally created facing left, but was then flipped for him to face right

He has so far been depicted in the comics:
French Siblings
Golden Dawn
Take the wheel
Can't touch that
Remember your safeword

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