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"1 Krone they say…?"

Poland is treated as the "Mexico of Europe;" he’s often subject to the abuse and ridicule of other wealthier countries. Other countries in Europe practically treat Poland like a slave and expect him to work for them for absurdly low wages. Poland often decides to steal their things instead of doing the work. He seems to have an affinity for stealing cars, in particular.

Poland was first introduced in the comic America Has Spoken. In this comic, it was stated he stole Denmark’s car at some point. This might’ve happened in Well....

During the Second World War, Poland was beat up by Nazi Germany and Russia until he was near the point of death.

Poland has short, light brown hair and wears a sweater of his country’s current flag, the Flag of the Republic of Poland. Since he’s a thief, he wears a black burglar mask that covers his eyes. In Hamlet, his burglar mask was light brown, the same colour as his hair.

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