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"For fuck's sake Denmark!"

Sweden is one of the main characters of Scandinavia and the world. Sweden was introduced in the first picture and comic, of SatW. He is the most serious of the Nordic countries, though he has been known to let loose occasionally. Sweden is in a very one-sided relationship with Sister Finland, but he is semi-openly gay and deeply in love with Aland. This just provides another reason for Finland to hate him, since Åland officially belongs to him.

The relationship between Sweden and Åland is the most stable of those between the Nordics, as they are deeply in love and they share the same opinions.

Sweden loves his Scandinavian brothers, but he fights frequently with Denmark in particular. Together the two hold the record for most wars fought between two countries, making it a love/hate relationship. Sweden likes to keep an eye on his brothers, to make sure they don't get into trouble, though sometimes Sweden wouldn't mind if Denmark did.

Sweden loves technology and is very good at fixing computers.

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