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Finland "PERKELE!!"

Finland was first seen in No Invitation where he was shown with his beloved knife, beer and was threatening the others with the knife.
He doesn't speak much and when he does it's in Finnish, usually his 'catchphrase' "Perkele", until Small Talk, where he spooked the others by making light conversation. He usually communicates with signposts or doing knife pantomime.

He is usually uninterested about everything around him and doesn't concern himself about what others are doing or saying. He usually shows no emotion at all when nothing is bothering him and when he does, he mostly shows angry emotions, unless he's around Sister Sweden. Sister Sweden

He doesn't really like any other countries, mainly Sweden due to a 600-700 years Swedish rule of Finland, which was taken by force. Aland belongs to Finland but wants to belong to Sweden, which welcomes him - Finland knows this, thus won't allow it, even though he hates Åland because of his swedish past. Finland has some history with Russia and don't really fancy him. Also, he especially hates his nephew FennoSwede.

He wears a shirt with his flag and a green hat at all times and his hair is brownish-gray. He makes sure to always have a beer and/or a suitable weapon around.

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