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"Huha I plant my flag on this spot to make it (and the oil) mine!!"


Russia is a male character introduced in I Want Oil, where he, Denmark and America fight over a plot of oil between Canada and Greenland.


Russia has a bushy beard, long, slicked back, gray hair with a balding spot covered by an ushanka, without ear flaps, and wears a modern day Russian flag that has long sleeves and white gloves.

His personality shown in the Scandinavia and the World comics:

Russia has bit of a dark sense of humor and enjoys watching Scandinavian comedies about drug, depression and alcohol abuse and thought it to be hilarious. He also smiled smugly at the thought of Italy being his bitch, and liked to hold on to Bornholm longer than necessary before returning him to Denmark as seen here.

Humon made mention, as well as a comic, about Russia going around to the houses of countries who used to be part of him in a drunken state, begging them to return to him.

Russia appears to own a white cat, which he is seen petting in healthcare, where America accuses the Scandinavian countries of being communists. In the last panel it shows Sweden saying “he's on to us, master Russia”. Denmark is seen holding a similar cat in Swedish Politics.


Denmark: Though Russia and Denmark fought over oil in Russia's first comic the two of them get along very well. As a child Denmark preferred Russia over England, which can be seen here The Mind Of A Child.

Aland: Russia thinks that Åland must be insane, due to what happened in the comic, Don't Mess With Åland, where it shows the two of them fighting, Åland obviously having the upperhand. Realizing that he was losing the battle, Russia waved his white flag, but to his dismay, the other man knew nothing of military protocol and continued to attack.

Aside from Sister Russia and Belarus no other nations were shown as relatives.

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