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America oh "Where the hell are all the mountains!"

America is a well-meaning but rather tactless young man. He truly wishes to be friends with the Scandinavians and likely many other nations of the world but his somewhat narrow-minded views and general ignorance of foreign customs causes the other nations to see him as an annoyance that the Scandinavians have to put up with. America's eagerness to solves his problems with guns is a usual cause of friction between him and the other countries. Despite his many cultural transgressions, America has shown himself to be a generous host. When the Scandinavians visited America's home they were shocked by the kindness he showed them as opposed to his typical rudeness. America claims this is because, "I'm usually at your place, and guests have the right to test their host! But now I'm the host, and I'm nothing if not open and friendly to my tourists!" America is also immensely homophobic due to his religious beliefs. He seems to be under the impression that homosexuals are flamingos. Recently, his attitude might have changed based on his calm reaction to his dance with Denmark.


America is quite muscular, with visibly broad shoulders and a tall stature because, "everything in America has to be BIG." Despite his impressive physique, America is not a health freak. His eating habits would likely leave him "ridiculously fat" if it weren't for all his exercising. Though he was originally Caucasian, his skin darkened with the increase of his Latino population. His is naturally a brunette; in the more realistic drawings of him, his "eyebrows" are shown to be brown, but America bleaches his hair because of his obsession with his appearance. He wears a long-sleeved black shirt underneath a T-shirt with the design of the United States flag. He also occasionally wears sunglasses.

Recently he took the appearance of President Donald Trump. Orange as a clementine, with graying hair and strange makeup.


He is the son of England, the brother of Australia, Sealand, and Canada (adopted). England neglected America as a child, which led to his rebellious attitude. Still, he wasn't as bad of a troublemaker as Australia used to be. It is perhaps because of this that England is easily willing to take America's side over Australia's. It seems that presently America has a good relationship with his father. Though not much is known about his relationship with Australia, it can be assumed that they like each other, with brotherly pranks such as Australia stealing America's diary. Canada is America's best friend in the whole wide world that America happily wears as a hat. Canada will sometimes have to comfort America when he's crying or dealing with his insecurity. America is dating Mexico who he sees as a, "beautiful and exotic woman with strong religious morals" and their ideal date appears to be dancing together. America and Russia to this day still engage in competition (usually over oil), yet they are on friendly enough terms to watch a movie together.

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