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Funny Movie


Funny Movie

If someone ever asks you if you would like to see a Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Icelandic, Finnish or Russian comedy then...well, I won’t say “Run for your life!!” but I will say “Be careful”.

Movies in the north loves to deal with serious issues like death, drugs, alcohol and other fun stuff, and even most of our comedies will leave you with a feeling that the world is a horrible place.

You think I’m exaggerating? Fine, but don’t say I didn’t warn you when you sit in the dark, crying.

A nice example is this It’s considered one of the funniest scenes in the movie. He doesn’t like that the cow is looking at him.
And punching woman is funny too

2nd April 2010

9 days ago #9261475        

You all should be "Kill Buljo" and "Kill Buljo 2" It's a parody of "Kill Bill" and shows how wonderful my part of Norways really it! :D


20 F
1 month ago #9248552        

Thanks @kvaseren that one was actually quite funny XD she was so annoying, couldn't she read the mood?

1 month ago #9247971        

Second link is dead, here's the same scene:

And yes, the woman being punched is also the lead actress in "The killing".


18 M
3 months ago #9198005        

Funny enought. But never will get close to classic "I will eat you and the baby".

4 months ago #9195624
As to this link, I didn't understand a word, but, damn my socks, it IS funny! I'm hopeless, yeah?

4 months ago #9188736        

@AngryBadger Watch Dead Snow 2! That ones got even more comedy in it! :D

4 months ago #9188397        

And, to most of the world (especially America), Hannibal just shot a cow for looking at him....XD He's turning more volatile, the old psycopath....XD

4 months ago #9178040        


5 months ago #9164507        

Apparently "Dead Snow" is considered a comedy according to Netflix. I loved it but it was obviously not what we would call a comedy here.

6 months ago #9143642        

Well I liked Iron Skies

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