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Funny Movie

Funny Movie

If someone ever asks you if you would like to see a Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Icelandic, Finnish or Russian comedy then...well, I won’t say “Run for your life!!” but I will say “Be careful”.

Movies in the north loves to deal with serious issues like death, drugs, alcohol and other fun stuff, and even most of our comedies will leave you with a feeling that the world is a horrible place.

You think I’m exaggerating? Fine, but don’t say I didn’t warn you when you sit in the dark, crying.

A nice example is this It’s considered one of the funniest scenes in the movie. He doesn’t like that the cow is looking at him.
And punching woman is funny too

3rd April 2010

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24 O
16 days ago #9357843        

Here's the Finnish version :)


999 O
17 days ago #9357678        

@Mecharic esacly


999 O
19 days ago #9357205        

@ esacly


21 M
19 days ago #9357179        

@NerdyDane - Hur, ok, no arguments can be made against that :P



19 M
24 days ago #9355441        

I feel I would like these 'comedies'.

But then again I consider myself a sadist if anything.

28 days ago #9354226        

and I thought my family was bad.O_O


16 F
1 month ago #9350050        

It does exist funny Swedish movies 'Stig helmer' is one of those


16 F
2 months ago #9343596        

I'm Russian and I'm scared o.o
We actually don't have such dark humor. Weird humor, but certainly not...that dark xD

2 months ago #9343532        

It is pretty funny too, here we just have slapsticks. (LIKE NORMAL PEOPLE!)

2 months ago #9342668        

I don't know why I watched the full video even when I don't understand what they are talking about

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