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Funny Movie

Northern Lights Poster

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Funny Movie

If someone ever asks you if you would like to see a Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Icelandic, Finnish or Russian comedy then...well, I won’t say “Run for your life!!” but I will say “Be careful”.

Movies in the north loves to deal with serious issues like death, drugs, alcohol and other fun stuff, and even most of our comedies will leave you with a feeling that the world is a horrible place.

You think I’m exaggerating? Fine, but don’t say I didn’t warn you when you sit in the dark, crying.

A nice example is this It’s considered one of the funniest scenes in the movie. He doesn’t like that the cow is looking at him.
And punching woman is funny too

2nd April 2010


21 M
7 days ago #9327967        

YOU PEOPLE ARE PSYCHOPATHS! Has anyone ever told you that?

9 days ago #9327144        

The only thing funny about those clips (other than the fact that I don't understand what they were saying) is that other people ( who do know the language) think that's funny! XD

12 days ago #9326088        

No....... I think I might cry..... It was the third column that got me...

2 months ago #9309029
blowing eggs. (same Movie)

2 months ago #9297827        

Also my first porn movie was ,,Vil du you se min smukke navle,, it was mandatory Danish movie in danish class...

2 months ago #9297824        

then you gotta watch Rare exports...


24 O
3 months ago #9286090        

Hey, I watched "I rymden finns inga känslor" (Swedish comedy, "There are no feelings in space", guess the English title is a bit different) and I thought it was a really great movie! :-)

3 months ago #9281525        

This brought tears to a tough guy who didn't cry when he broke his arm.

3 months ago #9280997        

(Response to last dude) they're planning to assassinate each other

4 months ago #9270858        

Why are Russia and America sitting together anyway?

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