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A trip into American culture

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A trip into American culture

This idea was suggested by Jess9000 and won with 766 votes.
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They wanted to see the Scandinavian boys visiting America for once and get a taste of American culture, Peanut Butter being of special interest. We do have Peanut Butter up here in the North now like most American stuff, but for the sake of the comic lets say this was the first time they encountered it. :D

I have no idea how many people will get the last part, but it's a joke on the old American show "Mister Ed" from the 60's about a horse that could talk. When asked how they got the horse to move it's lips when "talking" the people behind the show claimed it was done by putting peanut butter on it's gums (they later told they had trained it to do so, but didn't want to disappoint the children who watched the show).

I honestly have no idea why I know about that show in the first place. :XD:

5th September 2011


17 F

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1 month ago #9269335        

My father told me that peanut butter in Europe wasn't as ours in North America, it was more natural and less "sticking on the palate"

7 months ago #9151949        

hmmm should have given him pb and jam ¦3


16 M
8 months ago #9147587        

*smack* *smack* *smack* XD

8 months ago #9143458        

it is done to dogs too. when visiting american homes, we tend to go by the saying "my home is your home", make yourself comfortable.


25 M
9 months ago #9117962        

Norwegians are already familiar with food sticking to the roof of our mouth : )
Namely brunost (brown cheese), in my dialect it is often called "Ganklæbb" which translates into something like "sticks to the palate"

10 months ago #9102231        

When I spent a year in Germany this was my friend Lilly's reaction to having a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup XD I also introduced my friends to Dr. Pepper which didn't go over very well XD

10 months ago #9096756        

This is hilarious! XD

11 months ago #9077794        

Because "Mr. Ed" is a cool show and everyone should know about it.

11 months ago #9075144        

@christmassysocks please no, I once stated to learn french but my teacher vanished soo now I see my sister and all my friends are learning french and I don't have time for that because I'm learning German.... =_=.... I'm suffering in pain

11 months ago #9075001        

@TimMogens But of course!! Le sirop d'érable canadien est le meilleur dans le monde! (I apologise for any inaccuracies in that statement... It's 00:20 I'm not fluent in French yet...)

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